Friday, June 19, 2015

Those blank moments

Just a thought

Dustin wasn't sure he got a good vibe about this Josie. Sure, she was Halie's so called best mate. But Josie might have hated him.

He wondered if she had anything good to say about him. He didn't want to think that way, but it did come to mind as he watched her on their drive to the Uni.

"Um, know this Gage, now do you?" He had to think of something to make conversation.

"Not really." She looked like Gage might give her a bad taste, some how.

"And his girl? What about her?" What could he learn about Macy?

Yes, he could hardly wait for her to get here, but she'd text as of late that her Granny was ill. Didn't look good. He guessed.

"Macy?" Josie looked at him blankly. "I..I might have met her once..maybe twice. She seems nice, but lord knows, how she puts up with him." She sighed.

"Really?" Well, he should have known it. A part of him felt the need to take Macy away from the bad stuff in her life. Evidently, Gage. And to think Dustin was the one who'd done his best to put her off.

Dustin nursed his bottom lip. Dang, if there was an inkling of dread of seeing Macy, but he so wanted too. He did. He just couldn't help but want to see her. Touch her. Be with her.

He kept his eyes on the road. It was the first time, he'd ever let himself think this way. After all, he was Halie's beau. He wasn't suppose to linger over another, but his girl.

At the Uni

Halie took the lead. They went to the Uni first. Which was a bunch of old buildings that looked like ancient ruins, she supposed. Especially, in Josie's eyes.

"Isn't it massive?" Actually, Halie didn't know a thing about the establishment.

"What will, you be studying?" Josie looked, not all that impressed with the gardens or the water fountains.

"Just the usual." She was undeclared. "Online, actually." She wouldn't even step foot on campus. Honestly, she could be doing this at home, but it would be splendid to be away from home. Although, it wouldn't be much fun, studying with Alec, but she'd give it a go because she'd vowed..she would. "What about you?"

"I did take a course or two in English, this last year." Josie mentioned.

"That's really what, you want? English as a major?" How boring Halie thought.

"Not really, maybe graphic design. Wish I wasn't so scared of needles. I'd like to be in a health profession." Josie nodded, saying there were some really amazing hospitals in their area.

Soon enough they were at the student hub, actually, the Uni didn't own it, but plenty apartments were there, and of course, the pubs and the clubs.

"Maybe, after dinner we can hit the disco." Halie mentioned, looking over her shoulder at Dustin who hadn't said much of anything. He was being a down right dufus. A part of her wanted to leave him at Mol's, maybe he'd want to play some idiotic game with Dolan. Vampires or Werewolves. Didn't matter, Halie never followed along.

Was that what drama majors did all the time? Roleplay?

At least, Molly never partook of it, when Halie was around. Molly was perfectly normal. Seriously, Halie wanted Josie to meet a normal mate. Not Jax and Bash. Not even Archie, but they would all be there.


Launna said...

If Dustin is not madly in love with Halie... he should move on... not play with her heart...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I feel as if Josie isn't vibing with anyone at the moment - I hope things change for her, she deserves some good in her life; she has had too much heartbreak.


Sara-h Jane said...

Holy crap I am behind!