Tuesday, July 21, 2015

about a dog

about a dog prt.1

Cassie couldn't have been happier. Of course, she couldn't explain it. And she wouldn't want to say it to Sammie, but Cassie felt complete.

She loved having Elsa to greet her in the morning. She was there at night when she read in bed.

Elsa might have been a big dog, who sometimes walked Cassie more than she walked the dog. Still Cassie was happy. She was glad to have the lab mix around. They were good partners, and her summer was going great.

She had no complaints.

Not like all the ridiculousness at work. She was practically full time even if it wasn't permanent. She was OK with that.

But was Henry ever coming back? And Fish's sudden departure was still something she wasn't clear on. Cassie didn't ask.

She got to the library about noon. She generally worked til nine. She would go home around 4 and check on Elsa. That was her schedule. Until one day, when someone made her late for work.

about a dog prt.2

Barry promised Preston that he'd never lay eyes on Elsa, again. After all, his old college roommate found a home for a dog that he parted with, when Barry and his girlfriend Piper separated. They'd agreed. It was the best thing to do.

But then it had never felt right, afterwards. Piper went off to Colorado with her new girlfriend and Barry had nothing.

He didn't want a new dog. He wanted Elsa, who was always a good listener and could take the longest walks around town. He was more broke up over losing Elsa than Piper.

It wasn't like he was combing the streets to find his dog, but there she was one sunny morning.

He couldn't help, but smile. She came right to him.

"What's her name?" He wanted to know, acting as if he didn't really know the dog, but Elsa was happy to see him.

At least, he found out the new owner hadn't changed her name. She seemed quite pleased with her pet.

"She hasn't chewed up anything, but she did get into a bag of oatmeal cookies, once."

Barry only nodded with a smile. He introduced himself as he rubbed the top of Elsa's head. He didn't want to lie, but he'd promised Preston he wouldn't want Elsa back.

"Well, maybe I'll see you around, sometime, Cassie." He felt quite sad, and yet he was happy that Elsa was happy.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Barry, he seems so alone. :(


Launna said...

I hope Barry leaves Elsa with Cassie...

runners said...

I bet that's true for lots of people when they break up that they miss the dog more than the relationship. lol great story line. I don't know why he just wouldn't have said Elsa used to be his dog, now if he gets to know Cassie it will seem weird to tell her.

Anonymous said...

such a sweet face!! I would so fall in love. :)