Wednesday, July 22, 2015

here we go again

at the library

Everything was so topsy-turvy at the library. Asa was a little lost for words. After all, he was the director now, but where was he? Behind the circulation desk.

Fish quit. Just like a snap of the fingers. He was gone. All because of a glitch in the library system. Asa had to call headquarters to ask someone out of Virginia to come and help. Only, Fish fixed it first. Actually, the system was never better. Now with one look, you knew what the whole house hold had checked out. Something they'd been wanting- for quite sometime, and Fish made sure the check in system was running and books weren't instantly overdue.

Yes, the man of the hour. The company was so impressed. Fish was offered a job on the spot. And he took it.

So they were down two. Asa was letting Henry be on the mend. Little did he know that Henry was even out of the state and back.

And when he saw Cassie walk through the door, "THANK GOD YOU'RE HERE." Some one was busy with calls and of course, Audrey was doing her job in the back. Sure Sam was here, but she was helping out with Children's services and Jude. Oh Jude, what was he up to now? He was never here when you needed him.

"What? What's going on?" Cassie looked shocked, as if she was the one to blame for everything.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." He looked over the heads of people waiting to check out. As usual, no one liked self-checkout. So they both got to work.

Here we go again...

Of course, the rest of the family was gone when Fish decided he would take the job.

"Right now?" OK, so maybe Shan was a little rash about Fish making more money. so they could be out on their own, but this was not what he meant.

"Well, I can't afford, not too." Fish looked a bit confused, but not really. No, it was Shan who was confused.

"You're just going to up and leave?"

"Why not?" Fish looked at him as if Shan needed to get on the same page with him. "I want this job." He swelled a frown. "With..or without you."

Shan was stunned.

"I can't just leave." He'd been at the theater for ..forever. Or so it seemed. His only real job. Of course, he was more of an old timer now.

"Well, you will come with me? Won't you?" Fish's question still hung in the air. It was like a moment where time stood still. But it wasn't standing still.  Except Shan was on rewind, remembering the very moment when Fish changed and Fish left.

Shan was alone now. Fish was gone.

Everything was so silent. All Shan could do now was make another peanut-butter sandwich and cram it in his mouth and hope he made the right move soon.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Shan makes the right decision.


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ivy said...

Oh, Shan..I don't exactly feel sorry for him. I mean, I don't think he's a carrying nor as proud as he should be to, Fish.

ivy said...

Oh, that Shan!

Launna said...

I can understand by Shan would be hesitant to just get up an go... we'll have to see what the future holds xox