Thursday, July 23, 2015

coming home

coming home

Rowdy wouldn't have called it a working vacation. He hadn't wanted anyone to go, except himself and  Easy. They'd been meant to have a heart to heart, but it didn't happen. He guessed it was all his fault.

Nothing was simple. He supposed. And he guessed in the end it was a good thing Ting went. She was a life savor.

At least, Connor was with Bree, and they kept Will company. Rowdy just didn't know how big this family could get.

But they never did find Will's mother. His mother and step-father were swept away in the flood.

So after days of searching and helping out others, they finally loaded up to go home. Sunburned, achy, itichy and possibly he was the only one stiff as a board. He asked if they'd like to go to the water park.

"What?" Will looked at him ever so serious. He faintly smiled, "I don't think so."

"Good." Rowdy said ever so somber. They'd seen enough water to last a good long while. He was pretty sure even barbecue wasn't going to do the trick, either. No, it was time to go home and rest and wait for the next catastrophe, he guessed.

Oh..NO you Don't....

Of course, Shan hadn't done a thing around the house. Ting was pretty upset with him, but then she guessed he was in a depressed state with Fish, up and leaving.

"Well, what are, you, still doing here?" She looked at him blankly, but then went to work on the dirty dishes. "You married him, you know." Were those just empty vows? She'd hoped he'd have a better marriage than she ever did.

Maybe she was a little numb from all the pain she'd seen as of late, but she'd done her best to help with Triage patients and everything else that might come with a disaster.

"I'd be know, if..if I left." Shan looked as if he was lost. He said he just couldn't up and leave his job.

"Well, you two are still talking?" Ting brushed the hair out of her son's face. He was a grownup now with grownup decisions to make.

"Kind of." But Shan looked as if he wasn't all so sure.

"Get on the phone. You, can't just let Fish go. He'll need you." Ting told him.

"I dunno. What if..he doesn't?" Shan winced.

"You, were the one who kept making him feel, he wasn't doing enough." She'd heard their fussing. It was hard to ignore, but she did. She hoped they'd work it out.

"No, it wasn't like that." Shan shook his head. "I just, you know, wanted him to have..what was coming to him." Shan told her he felt sure Fish should have gotten fulltime at the library, not Henry.

"And now he's got this job, that pays more than..well, the long hours..I have to put in," She pointed out, about being a nurse. .. which were hard hours, even if she did get a few days off during the week from the hospital. "You, do love him, don't you?"

"Of course, I LOVE HIM," He glared at her.

She got out her phone. "Look, I'll pay for the plane ticket. You, talk to him. You, tell them at work, what's up." Ting would do what she could to help Shan get to Virginia. She hoped it wasn't too late.


Yes, Fish had a family. He didn't know if it would be recognized, but the company did want to help him find a home. Luckily, there were no questions asked when he said he'd probably need an OK from his husband about the penthouse he was shown.

Oh, so airy and fresh, but he was certain Shan couldn't stand it. He took, it anyway. It was close to work. Even his dad approved when he showed it to him by FACETIME. His dad could hardly wait to see the place in person.

"You're gonna love Virginia!" His dad was all smiles.

"I guess." Fish wasn't quite as excited. He didn't even have furniture to fill the vast empty rooms of brick walls and pale wooden floors. It was quite industrious looking. Actually, he was rather sad. What would Shan think?

Of course, Fish was already working 8 hours day. In a few weeks, he would be making flights to other states to help other libraries with their data bases. Sure he did a lot of conferences by phone. He even talked to Asa, daily.

Still he felt lost. It didn't feel like home. Their schedules were all wrong now, due to the time change and Shan working mostly nights.

He could feel it. Shan was full of envy. Fish had always sensed that Shan thought he would be the one always taking care of the two them.

Their conversations were brief. Shan didn't even have time for FACETIME. He didn't want to see where Fish worked. He didn't have time to see some of the local hangout, for up and coming newcomers like Fish.

And Fish was left feeling empty. He literally felt like a fish out of water. Even his skin stung at the idea that he was really alone in this big world.

Maybe it was a mistake.

Of course, he got a video from from Henry in Paris with Josie. They were together now. They were coming home. They were going to find a place together.

But he hadn't the courage to text back. He hadn't told Henry anything. He felt as if he was on HOLD, waiting for Shan to make up his mind.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe it's simply time for Fish to move on...


ivy said...

Lot of changes happening!

runners said...

What kind of husband wouldn't want to take interest in their partners work? I am thinking that Fish has a sense the relationship isn't going to last and therefore didn't even show Shan the apartment first. The space is absolutely amazing btw. :) Good luck Fish!!

Launna said...

I know it is a big change for Shan but he better think about it unless he wants to lose Fish...