Friday, July 24, 2015

reboot. relaunch. something like that.

no drama queen

Henry was at his wits end. His parents were in an argument.

"JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!" He wanted to say, but he didn't, he hid in the bathroom and phoned Josie.

"I should have never told them. When we were in Paris. What is wrong with me!" He said first thing before Josie could even say hello. "I'll never hear the end of it. What's so bad about us? Together?" He paced.

"Well, my mom said she would not be a reference, you know, if we moved into an apartment. She won't sign for it." Josie sighed.

"Great." He figured as much.

"We could think about the boarding house." Josie then suggested. It could still happen.

"NO." Henry shook his head. He wanted to do this right. The two of them on their own. In their own place. "We'll just go..on our own, And you know, tackle this thing.'ll have to be after I get off work."

No way was he going to have a breakdown of some kind. They were doing this. One way or another.

Don't you see

"I don't think you've thought any of this through." Josie's mom winced.

Josie gave her a perturbed look and put her phone away.

"You, just don't know how expensive it can be. It cost money. And ..and don't forget renters insurance." Her mother reminded her.

"OK." Josie made a mental note to GOOGLE renters insurance.

"I..I just don't understand." Her mother rambled on as she was in the kitchen making lemonade and cutting brownies.


"That trip to Paris with Henry must have been something." Her mother said under her breath.

Josie couldn't help to smile. She wanted to remember Paris. Oh, so much talk of hopes and dreams. And the places they escaped too. Like the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay. Again. But it was all talk what they'd do when they got back. How they would be together. Live together. It was all Josie could think. And her mother took it as some sort of daydream.

She was concerned about her education, saving money, being on her own.

But not this way. Not yet.

"You know, I love him. Don't you?" Josie was steamed. She wanted to be taken seriously.

"Well, you were a little fuzzy about that on the phone with me..when you were traveling, remember?" Her mom winced as she looked at her. Perhaps Josie was to quick to make decisions. She changed her mind all the time.

"Just listen to me!" Josie gritted. "Its going to happen! No matter what!" Josie stomped out of the kitchen hoping it was the last time she ever had to pull a stunt like that, but it was for real. This time.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Josie is making the right decision.


Launna said...

I think Josie and Henry are making the right choice ... I hope they stay strong..xox