Saturday, July 25, 2015

about a baby

about a baby

Essie finally had a baby girl. It was huge. Or so Vada thought. It almost weighed ten pounds. Vada gulped when she saw it, in the hospital nursery. No way did she ever want to have baby now. It looked like a one month old, already.

But it was fair with blueberry eyes just like Essie. Its head was so pale and beautifully shaped, yet, it reminded Vada of Elmer Fudd.

Vada frowned with that thought, as she studied it behind the window.

"I knew she'd go for something formal. but I was thinking Emily, not Katherine." Someone said who stood beside her.

Vada looked over to see it was that guy from the library. He was volunteering, lately. She'd shown him around.

"Taylor, right?"

He nodded.

"What are you doing here?"

"My sister had a baby," He said.

"Essie?" Vada winced.

He nodded.

This was news to Vada, who guessed she'd have to be a little nicer to him.

this I know

Taylor couldn't help but smile. Finally, they had something to talk about. Although, the conversation didn't last long. He wished he knew what he could talk about with her.

"I didn't know, you knew her." Taylor finally managed, trying to focus on his sister and the baby and not Vada.

"Well, she never said she had a brother." Vada crossed her arms.

"I didn't actually grow up with her."

Vada nodded. "I know a little bit about that." She seemed  kind of bitter. "I have a twin brother. I just met this summer. Never in my life did I ever feel a part of me was missing. I mean, shouldn't I have had a connection..or something?" She sighed. "Sorry. Didn't mean to rant, but I'm sure Essie is glad you're around."

"Yeah, I guess. But I dunno if I should stick around." He shrugged.

"Yes, you have to stick around," She informed him. "She'll need you, more than ever. You, can help take care of..of the baby."

"Katie?" He looked at her.

"Yeah. Katie." She looked at him as if this was a lifetime opportunity. Taylor didn't know a thing about babies. But he wanted to stick around for Vada.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I love Taylor and Vada together.


ivy said...

Gotta say, I'd like to see Taylor and Vada, together.

runners said...

That is a big baby!! and I actually lol'd when she said it looked like Elmer Fudd!! hahaha

Launna said...

I don't think I want Taylor and Vada together... I seem to be among the minority ♡