Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer gets to me

Summer gets to me

Where had the summer gone?

Alo got on at the rehab place where Joel was staying. He'd visited there often and knew everyone, that someone suggested he hung out there so much, he should get paid.

It was only part-time and it was making sure the kitchen was clean and mainly taking care of the commons. Yes, it was possibly custodial work, but he didn't get into that with his brother who called at least every few weeks.

Naturally, that up scale brother of his had been to Paris, Even the Cann's films festival and lord knows where, but of course he hadn't been home to see their mother.

"Why can't you go home, to see mum?" Alo said into his cell.

"Why can't you, little brother?" His brother informed him that he was just being selfish.

Alo rolled his eyes at that. If only his brother could see how indulgent he was.

At least, he had Jude around who would actually do the dishes at the Boarding House. Alo wished his older brother could be more like Jude. Still, Jude was being rather silent, lately.

"I wonder what's up with him?" He'd asked Vada who shrugged that she didn't have time to find out nor cared, but she was actually happy Alo was working.

He always had time to see her in the late afternoons when she got off work, or right before she went to work.

"Look, I was wondering if you'd like to meet me, mum." He'd meant to ask way before now.

"When?" She winced as if she wasn't sure she could.

"I was thinking of going in August, to Glasgow." It was important to him that Vada have a chance to visit her.

"Oh, I wish I could. It's just.." She winced hard. "August, is next week, you know..and well, School starts soon..and you know, after last year's trip..I don't think my parents would be up for it..."

"Come on, we could just ask..couldn't we?" He did want her to get away from this little town. She deserved it.

"All right." But she didn't make it sound promising.

see it in the stars

"Well, if you are moving out, then I guess you won't be needing your room." Henry's mother glared at Henry.

"What?" Henry winced, thinking there might be a remote possibility of this happening.

"We were thinking Vada's brother needs a permanent place to stay." His mom's bright idea was for him to move in.

"But.." Henry was even lipped. "I have a lot of stuff."

"I know, you really need to clean that room of yours." His mom shrugged.

"I'm not a pack rat." He informed her.

"Of course, not." She smirked.

"But..but you guys..are going to help..with..Josie and me?" He winced trying to get this straight in his mind.

"We don't really like it, but we can't stop you, either..and well, I at least want you to know, you can come back."

"Well..not really..if I have to give Frankie, my room." He shrugged.

"But there is always the room over the garage," His mom reminded him.

Henry nodded.

"OK." He smiled. He reached for his cell, thinking maybe Josie wanted to come over and help.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope this is a turning point for Henry and his fam!


Launna said...

I'm thinking Josie may not want to clean up things for Henry... he might want to throw some of the stuff out...

runners said...

hmmm I didn't see this coming from his mom. Interesting. I wonder if they will move in over the garage now.