Monday, July 27, 2015

for good

for good

Halie didn't know what the fuss was about. But she could hear them in the hall. Gage was arguing with his Dad.

She changed Alec's diaper.

She was so tired, but happy. Happy to know that Gage hadn't had sex with Macy. It was the key to everything.

Actually, it was as if this dark burden had been lifted, and she could go on with things. No way could she even think of Dustin. She didn't want to remember his smile, his voice, the way his fingers moved over her. Yet a shiver ran through her.

It felt as if it were a life time ago.

Here she was at Gage's.

Naturally, there was all this happy talk about Alec. How they couldn't get over how big he was. After all, he was becoming a little man. Everyone found joy in him.

But then came the sleeping arrangements.

His dad didn't like the idea that Gage was sleeping with Halie. Of course, that didn't stop Gage. It was the three of them in his room.

It was just as cramped there, as it had been back home.

Perhaps, not much had changed. Yet, she liked being with Gage.  She felt stronger with him. And Alec was so different.

It was like he knew exactly who Gage was. Everything felt so natural. Why was it so bad.. if she was with Gage?

Of course, his dad told her he'd make a few calls at the University. He was going to help her get into the University. Perhaps she could get on, at the foreign exchange program.

Didn't he realize she was here for good?

Perhaps a part of her felt as if she was drowning. She'd already listened to her mom's sick phone calls. When was she coming home? How could she just leave? What was she thinking? Didn't she want to move to Molly's and start her college education?

A part of her felt quite numb. Maybe she didn't even want to start school.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think she's afraid of change - and starting new. I hope she overcomes her anxieties.


runners said...

I think all her ambivalence is quite natural. A lot of changes never mind all the post partum hormones. I think I'm glad her and Gage are together.

Launna said...

I think Halie and Gage have to make their own choices xox ♡