Friday, July 17, 2015

All of this is getting really old...

I can't even call your name

Molly was famished. She'd been up all night, trying to see them off. Now she felt like a zombie walking. The party was over. Evidently, the place was a mess.

It was just her. Lonely, in fact. She didn't even know what happened to Mads. She'd lost him somewhere in the night. She had a really long talk with Halie. It might be the last time they could have some time together.

Halie told her she envied her. They'd both cried. Molly thought now, all her friends were gone. Having her sister here didn't make it any better. They were not close. Not really. Not like other twins.

Possibly, it was a competition. Her sister claimed their parents always gave Molly what she wanted, but she was not the free spirit her sister was. Molly bet Lucy didn't even own a bra.

Of course, that sister of hers was always shagging. It could be anyone.

Then, like a silent alarm, it went off. Molly stumbled upstairs. And there she found them. Asleep. Naked. Her sister with Mads.

Molly didn't say a word. She should have seen it coming. She made it back down to the bottom of the stairs, just as the door opened and there was Archie.

He looked up the stairway. She didn't even give him time to say "What."

She fell into his arms and rested her chin on his shoulder. For the first time, she realized what a good fit he was. Actually, he was even taller than she expected.

"Do you want to move in with me?" She mumbled.

"Huh." He looked blankly at her. Then she kissed him. Maybe he could figure it out.

Something Big is Happening

"I just don't get it?" Charlie was still mulling it over about Macy and Gage. Not even Carson knew about this.

Of course, she hadn't seen him all summer. He was off to the Academy to become a police officer. It was hard to think about a wedding without him. Actually, she'd been quite sad, but she hadn't brought it to anyone's attention.

Weren't they suppose to be married, already? She thought they would be if his mother hadn't came out here.

His mother wanted it to be special.

Charlie would have been happy with the Justice of the Peace, but come to find out..they didn't do weddings anymore.

Naturally, Carson's Mom was all. "Oh, you wouldn't want a wedding like would you?"

Now it felt like a vast space she couldn't quite wrap her head around, and now Macy was in England without Gage.

"You sure, there's no chance of you and Gage getting back together?" She asked on her cell.

"Pretty sure." Macy didn't sound herself. She sounded as if she might be sick.

"Are you OK? Where are you?"

"I'm staying at Dustin's, with his Mom." She explained it wasn't like she'd gone off and had some sort of tryst with Dustin. "I was..just.. I dunno. I was happy to see him..and well.."

"Macy, I know you're going through so much, right now. I just wish..I knew what to do." Charlie was going to be Macy's friend, no matter what. She hated the thought of having to be friendly with Halie. She couldn't help to be on Macy's side.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

What a tangled web we weave.


ivy said...

Oh, Charlie..she is a good friend to Macy.

Launna said...

Charlie is a good friend but he doesn't know the whole story... I don't think Dustin or Macy thought about anything before they saw each other... I think Dustin should have been more open with Halie ...