Thursday, July 16, 2015

Always green

always green

Jax was pretty much pissed with this whole trip to Paris. Dustin and the others left them high and dry, and he had to listen to all that fighting in French with Bash and his uncle, and his cousins.

"I was sick of it, you know." Jax pressed Archie about what was happening with Halie.

"I guess she's going to the states." Archie came around to help clean the house. There were still dirty dishes in the sink. They'd left in a rush and Archie had stayed with Molly's twin.

"So what's going on with you and Mol's sis, aye?" Jax was dead serious. He didn't know her all that well, but if she was anything like Molly, well, he just bet she had Archie wrapped around her little finger.

"Nothing." Archie winced. He went on to scrub some pots and pans while Bash got on with the laundry. "She..she wants me to come to L.A. with her. Says I might have a chance at some comedy writing."

"You, being funny..that's hard to believe." Jax burst into laughter, but he could see Archie didn't take too kindly to it. Jax reached for some beers and opened one for Archie. " the SHAGGING any good?"

"What?" Archie winced hard.

"You know, you're doing it, right?" Jax made a few disgusting moves that made Archie look all the more a prude.

"Jesus! Jax, I'm not a player. I never have been. I'm like a best mate, a confidant,  you know?" Archie's eyes were so big. He looked rather hurt at Jax's assumption.

"Why is it? Aye? You, in the same boat, in every situation?" Jax gave him a slap on the back.

"Scared. I suppose." He said ever so solemn as if he were stuck.

"Of what?" Jax winced.

"Dunno. Exactly. Guess, I'll be no good, or something."

"What? They won't be to your liking?" He grinned.

Archie shook his head, no.

"Man, you are not a failure. You, have to go for it. You're young. Have some fun." Jax really wished Archie was lying about all this, and he was getting some with this bird who wanted to make her life the stage. However, he knew Archie was always honest with him.


runners said...

Poor Jax. Its just not fair. Archie is a good friend.

ellie said...

I do love Jax and Archie's bromance.

ivy said...

I live their bromance too!