Wednesday, July 15, 2015

until then

Until then

"Liz, is gonna kill me," Jama said as she went through the drawers that Halie told her to look into at her mother's cottage.

She and Ian were looking for Alec's birth certificate, his shot records and his passport.

Liz and Rufus were away on  holiday. They'd gone to some music festival and a camp out.

Jama couldn't hardly think it any fun, but then she knew Liz and Rufus's kind of fun, always called for some weed, maybe even some pills, too.

She winced now thinking maybe it was just as well for Halie to go with Gage, back to the states.

"She'll wail of course, but usually she'll manage." Ian dug for the big envelope with Alec's name on it. "Found it."

"I really hope Halie's thought this through." Jama took the package as they got back in their car to be on their way to Molly's.

"I dunno if she really likes to think things through." Ian shrugged. "Maybe, there's nothing to think over." He told her how he'd seen that look of Gage's when he was with Alec. "At least, Gage knows what is important to him. But, Halie..well, that's a different story. She's got a lot of hate in her. I dunno if she can get past that."

Jama looked at him as if she wondered what he saw in her. They were a family now. A couple with another little one on the way.

"You think, we'll ever see them, again?" Gemma wondered.

"Dunno. But we'll see them off." Ian shrugged as he kept his eyes on the road.

Did you now...

"Just thought you should know. I was gonna break up with you, anyway. Thanks for making it easy."

Henry overheard Gage on his cell. He couldn't help to stare. He noticed the tears welling up in Gage's eyes.

"You, left Macy a voice mail?" Henry winced. He couldn't believe it.

Gage only shrugged and put his cell away.

"Gotta finish what I start." Gage was straight lipped about his ordeal with Macy.

"But..but You and Macy..I thought.." Henry didn't know what he thought. Not now.

"Obviously, she had something going on with him that I didn't have a clue about. I mean, he's..he's Halie's boyfriend." Gage pointed out.

" doesn't have to be this way." Henry sighed, but glad they were alone for a few minutes in Molly's kitchen. Josie was with Halie and Molly and her sister were out with Archie and her new friend Mads. "I mean, Macy just lost her grandmother. Its such an emotional time for her. She wasn't thinking. Maybe..maybe he's just a friend."

"I don't care." He said ever so dull.

"I don't believe you." Henry gave him the eye.

"Just don't worry about it. She's got a round trip ticket paid for. Its not like I'm leaving her here." Gage glared. "Besides, I gotta a lot to worry about. Alec. Halie. I mean, she's not exactly a piece a cake, you know."

"Do you even love her?" Henry wanted to know.

"She is the mother of my child. And..and.." Gage sighed. "I want to try. If..if she'll let me." Gage tried to look optimistic, but Henry knew deep down that he really wasn't.

Think about it

"Oh MY're serious?" Josie thought her ears might be ringing.

"Well, you don't have to look so tragic about it." Halie was in a pout. "Gage asked me. And I said, why not." She swelled a frown.

"OK. I get it. You're furious with Dusty, but you might be hurting yourself instead of him. You know, coming back to the states." Josie looked at her, trying to be the good friend Halie needed.

"My brother's there...and of course, YOU!" She sounded as if all else failed with Gage, there was backup.

Josie nodded. She hoped Halie wasn't banking on Gage, even if she guessed Henry was OK with him.

"I just need a fresh start." Halie sat down on the bed and Josie sat next to her. "I mean, I've been at the breaking point with Mum. I can't trust her, you know. And..and I don't think things were ever right with Dusty... after..after I ..I was with Jax."

"Jax?" Josie winced. "But..but nothing ever really happened."

"It could of. It very well could have. I never thought I was good enough for Dusty, even if..I thought I could ride it out."

"And you think things will be better with Gage?" Josie looked at her.

"I dunno. I want it to be. I mean..he was like..nothing I'd ever met.." She scrunched her face and began to cry. Josie gave her a tissue. "I don't want to be... me Mum. I want a family. A real family."

"Well, it'll take a lot work. You and Gage. You know, like a team. Especially, with Alec." Josie pointed out. "I know it was never easy with my own Mom and Dad. He wasn't really there when I was little. Later, he was like lord of manor, you know. And that didn't really help."

"I hadn't really wanted to say it, but Mum gets on her binges, again. Out all night. Sometimes, with Rufus. Sometimes not." Halie told her. "I don't think Dustin really noticed. I mean, we had plans. The University." She was quiet then.

"The University." Halie sighed ever so heavily and started to cry again. "I know I deserve this. I know it. I wasn't making him happy, in the least. Can I make anyone happy, Josie?" She looked so sad.

"Oh, Halie, you have to make yourself happy first." Josie put her arm around Halie, and she cried on Josie's shoulder.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe this will be good for Halie!


Vanessa Morgan said...

I always love your collages. So pretty and cozy.

ellie said...

Thank you so much! Vanessa!

Natalie said...

Hi Ellie!

I don't know if you remember me, but hey girl it's Natalie (you used to follow an embarrassing blog I had in 8th grade), and I never gave you a proper thank you for actually reading and commenting on all of my terribly written and overly angsty posts. You really encouraged me to write, a love of mine which, since then, has slowly faded (from discouraging teachers to high, concentrated, levels of mindless school work. I'm a recent high school graduate who was feeling a bit nostalgic and read through my old blog and you really inspired me to start writing again so I think I'm actually going to. I'm so glad to see your blog is alive and well and I wish you the best in continuing your writing journey!

~Natalie :)

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I feel like Gage is making the wrong decision. :/


ellie said...

Thank Natalie for the wonderful note. I always enjoyed your Point of View. I hope you continue. I know you'll be a great one.

Launna said...

I think everyone is rushing to judgement instead of standing back to see what really happened...

ellie said...

So true, Launna! Hopefully, it will work itself out.