Monday, July 13, 2015

and then

and then

Maybe Gage was trying to do so much at once.

First there was meeting Halie and the rest at the train station. But he needed to be at the airport, too.

Molly assured him it would work. They'd all go, to meet Macy. It was going to be fine, according to Molly.

How could she be so wrong, he thought now as if the whole incident was on repeat in his brain.

He knew how he wanted it to go.

He would smile when he saw Macy, who would then smile back and they'd run to each other like some cheesy Hallmark commercial. Of course, it would only be the two of them. There wouldn't be Alec crying to get back in his arms. He wouldn't be busy with Halie, wanting to hold Alec, not wanting to hold Alec.

Yes, while he was busy with this interception, something big happened.

And everyone stood watching as if they weren't a part of this story. All Gage could do was to look blankly at the two of them.

Macy. Dustin. Together. So naturally.

He could barely wince and Halie took off like a wild animal in the opposite direction, and there was Alec hanging on to him.

Of course, Gage took off after Halie.

He grabbed her hand before she got to the busy street.

She only frowned as if she hated him for doing it. Hated him for being here. Hated  him for what he'd done to Alec. But he didn't put the child in her arms and race back to Macy.

"I didn't know. I didn't know a thing about this." Gage said ever so slow, trying his best to make sense of it. "Did you ..have..any..idea?"

She was in a pout as she hugged herself.

There was an ache in the back of his neck. Yes, it was true he was tired. Too tired to even make a fuss.

"Its gonna be OK." He took her hand, and she only watched his fingers clasp around hers.

She was too upset to say anything.

Finally, he put his arm around her as if she did have a place to go.

Henry caught up with them.

"What's going on?" He winced.

"Nothing. We might just stay at Molly's." Gage nodded. He didn't have any intentions to even speak to Macy now. He'd let it be.


Molly felt like the third wheel. Possibly the fifth wheel. It was all so strange. Why had they gone to the airport, at all? Dusty and Macy?

She winced hard as she went to brew the tea.

Thankfully, Mads dropped by. Just like Gage said he would.

It was nice to see his sunny smile on a gray day. He helped her with the cups ever so carefully, as if it were part of the grieving process. Except, she didn't know why she'd think such dark thoughts.

Gage and Halie were off in the guestroom. Something about putting Alec down for a nap.

Molly felt like a vistor in her own house. As if someone else had taken it over. Mostly, Halie.

Who was she making the tea for? Halie.

Of course, she could be mad at her. After the scene at the airport.

Did anyone even know where Dusty and Macy went off too?

It was all so quiet. Even Halie's American friends were rather subdued.

"Thanks for coming by." Molly patted Mads on the back. She went to get out every sweet treat she could find. Even the Christmas candy that was slightly gray on top, but she popped a chocolate carmel in her mouth. It was just what she needed.

Mads looked in the fridge and told her she needed more milk.

"Maybe you could come with me, to the shops, after tea." She looked to him. Molly didn't want to be alone today.


Launna said...

Dustin should have told Halie instead of letting it happem this way... maybe this will bring Gage and Halie closer...

runners said...

how emotions flip flop.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Molly could definitely use some company.