Sunday, July 12, 2015

taking chances


It was lovely to be part of the night life of Paris. Henry couldn't stop smiling about it, as they strolled through the streets, listening to street music and the chatter of French. Of course, he hadn't an inkling what the conversation might be about.

It was the Eiffel Tower they had a date with.

He saw Josie smile too. They went their separate ways from Halie and Dustin.

"Do you, know what's going on?" Henry asked as they were on their way inside the monument.

"I'm probably to blame. Or you." She smiled.

"Me?" He almost laughed, but tried not too.

"I dunno. She's not having a good time. I wish I could blame it on Gage, but I can't. And Dustin's been very supportive. She's just in a mood. But we can't let her spoil it for us. She can come back to Paris, anytime. I mean, I dunno why she hasn't been here before. I mean, I would have." Josie held on to his hand.

It was a good feeling. Just the two of them together.

"Sometimes, you just need a little push. I guess." Henry mentioned seeing Leo on TV. "Yeah, the show was on, at Ian's. You know, that top model show. And there he was. And not once did they mention he was a guy. It was just Leo. Looking like this super model. And...and SHE is winning."

"Wait? How many episodes has it been?"

"Third or fourth." He shrugged. "Its just weird, you know. I mean, I'm glad this modeling thing is working out. But it was like... I was really happy somebody from our hometown got on this show. And..and Leo is winning."

"But you miss him?" She wanted to know.

"No." He winced. "I'm glad he's there. And I'm happy I'm here with you." He put his arm around her as they looked at the lit city from the Eiffel Tower.


"Uh-huh." Rowdy kept his ear to the phone, but he was already in a sweat. Something about Easy's son and his son's mother, who got swept away in a flood.

"What are you planning on doing?" He asked Easy, who sounded like he just might go to the Blanco River and hunt for her, himself.

"Well, I have to bring Will up here." After all, it looked like he was the only parent around at the moment. Will was at a Youth Center which was a shelter for the flood victims.

"Then, I'll go with you." His truck was gassed. He thought if they drove nonstop they could get there by noon or so. Of course, he might not be driving the speed limit if he went.

When Rowdy got off the phone there was Bree staring at him.

"Oh, no you don't." He shook his head.

"But I gotta go with you and Easy. Please!" Those big eyes of hers won him over everytime.

"I don't know. You better, ask Ming." He winced hard trying to look gruff, but he knew she didn't buy it.

She went to find Ming.

Next thing he knew, Ming wanted to go too.

with my eyes wide open

Slater didn't think they made pressed ham anymore. Evidently, somebody did. He held the bite of moist sandwich in his mouth. It didn't really taste like anything but slime. He grimaced as he sat on the roof taking a break from nailing shingles.

Sure the money was good, but it was hot as Hades and dusty too. He pushed the back of his hand against his forehead to keep the sweat from dripping in his eyes. Slater's dark hair was damp and pulled back in a pony tail.

He'd never worked so hard before.

Well, there was the corn detassling job he did back in middle school. That was a piece a cake, he now thought.

He sighed as he put the sandwich away. He didn't feel like eating.

For a moment, he felt himself go numb, thinking of Jess' voice over the phone. He guessed she was OK. He might never know for sure. All he knew, they didn't want him going back. This was where he lived now. On the Reservation.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I just wish he were happier. :/


Launna said...

I'm happy Josie and Henry are in a good place together...♡