Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Here's the ticket

They don't LOVE you like I love you

Josie wished she knew how to console Halie, but all this time Josie didn't get that Halie might not want to be here. She thought she wanted to make this trip to Paris.

Of course, Molly and Gage were no where in sight at the train station, to wish them off.

"We'll be back before you know it." Josie said before she meant too. She could see Halie wasn't taking it well about their excursion without a proper goodbye to Alec.

"Come on, its gonna be fine." Dustin put his arm around Halie, and Josie watched the two of them walk toward the train. She and Henry followed.

"I've really messed up, big time." She said under her breath.

"That's not true." Henry told her. "You're a good friend."

"Evidently, not to Halie." For a moment Josie thought about not going.

"No. We are going to Paris. We are going." Henry took her hand. "You, have every right to have a good time on this trip. OK? Maybe things will never be perfect, but just enjoy this."

She gritted a smile. She was sure she'd already maxed out her mother's credit card even if Henry paid for her train ticket. She'd probably be in debt to her until she was forty or so.

"Look, I don't even know if I'll have a job when I get back." Henry smirked.

Soon enough they were riding the rail, and it was smooth, as they watched the landscape go from gray rock cottages to the green landscapes.

It was nice to be sitting next to Henry watching this part of the world go by. Oh, she hoped Halie was OK. Honestly, she felt Gage had stepped up. She actually had faith in him. He'd let Henry come with him to England. Gage hadn't complained once.

Except last night when he said NO about bringing the baby out to the University to meet Halie before the train left.

Josie guessed she would have been heartbroken too. Josie knew everyone had their breaking point. And maybe she'd had one of her own, with the pregnancy scare. But this was right where she wanted to be.

Josie looked at Henry and smiled. There was a certain thrill she was ready to burst with. Yes, she was glad to go anywhere with Henry.

Not Everybody LOVES Paris

Dustin felt he'd pulled an all nighter already with Halie. Why did she have to have so much hate?

Gage didn't really do anything ugly. Actually, he was much more quiet than Dustin expected. A part of him thought they could actually be friends, but since Halie disliked him so much, he couldn't dare take Gage's side.

He wished he could talk to Macy about this. But she wouldn't return his text nor his calls. He missed being in touch with her. But of course, that was another world. A world he didn't dare mention to Halie.

He knew she'd have a fit if she had the slightest thought he was in any sort of contact with Macy. Yet it had been something that left him full of smiles. Which he didn't have one right now. It was a solemn ride to Paris.

And when they got there, Marco's sister Francine was waiting for them.

It was good to find out that Bash's grandmother only lived about six blocks from Francine's apartment. Of course, everyone had a light load. He and Halie were sharing a backpack  so they walked a ways on the narrow cobbled streets.

It was just after lunch when they got there, and of course everyone wanted to stretch their legs for a bit. Of course, they hadn't eaten on the train. Halie slept the whole way.

So she was drogy and in a sour mood, but Gage got on a video chat with her to show her Alec was doing OK and Molly was still there. They'd be waiting at the train station when they got back.

Of course, Halie was smiling when she was talking to Alec, but he guessed it was just an act. She was her bitter self, even if they'd found their way to a bakery and were getting fresh sandwiches.

"I don't like anything French." She snarled her nose up to the sandwich he'd gotten for her.

"But its delicious." He had the same kind with French cheeses and thin sliced turkey.

She wouldn't have it. The drinks were too fizzy and the coffee.... Oh the coffee,..NO WAY was she touching the coffee.

She was being so childish. It felt like a waste of time being here. He wished they'd left her at the University.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish she would be more open to trying new things and less ornery about, well, everything. :/


Sara-h Jane said...

Geez, she needs to lighten up! Try new things!

deb said...

I feel for Halie. I hope she's OK.