Tuesday, July 7, 2015

come as you are

The Boyfriend Tag: Dustin & Halie

1. where did we meet?
Dustin: It was in the park. I cut through, sometimes on my way to work. She looked a little lost.
Halie: It wasn't the best day for me. I suppose.

2. what was our first date?
Dustin: Not sure it actually counts, but it was just a walk down to the footballers, and it was sweet.
Halie: I thought he was into this school mate of his, but turns out I was wrong (she smiles)

3. where was our first kiss and how was it?
Dustin: Gawd, (He looks a little embarrassed as if he doesn't know where to start.) Not that I've been with all the snogging. It took me an awful long time to do it.
Halie: He takes a good long time to do anything. (she grins) but it was worth it.

4. did u know that i was the one
Dustin: Yes. Um, it was a little intimidating. You preggers and all. And me, well, I'm really shy.
Halie: You were. ( She points out with her eyes bright and an open smile)

5. first impression?
Dustin: Well, I thought she was quite sad, you know. And I ..I just wanted to cheer her up. But she's changed a lot. Since then.
Halie: (She gives him the eye..as if that's all he can think to say about her.)

6. when did u meet the family
Dustin: Actually, I work for my mother's cousin, down at the pub..who's a friend of Halie's mum. Um, it was quite naturally, to know each other. Especially, in our small village. (He brushes his fingers through his light ginger hair and shrugs)
Halie: We know everyone's business in this village, sooner or later. (she smirks)

7. do we have a tradition
Dustin: Dunno. If we actually do (He winces, but he holds her hand)
Halie: Maybe once were to University.

8. what was our first roadtrip
Dustin: On our own to the Uni.
Halie: We had Alec with us. Couldn't leave him with Mum. It was a bit too soon. I guess. (she sighs)

9. who said i love u first and where were we
Dustin: God..Did I actually say it? You know, the time when..Well, I was under the weather.. you know. Fuck's sake..(He's thinking..) Well, I know I meant too. She does mean the world to me. Really. (He looks at her and squeezes her hand, but he can't say it. Not even now)
Halie: (Halie holds her breath, slightly. Then sighs)

10. what do we argue about the most
Dustin: Not that much. (He shakes his head NO.) We really get on with things, You know. (He nods)
Halie: Well, when we do. Its usually my fault. About something. (Her voice is dull) He says I let my emotions get the best of me.

what in the world to do

They got in a fight, over the phone.

Gage just couldn't see where Halie was coming from. She wanted him to bring Alec to her in the middle of the night.

"Well, its not gonna happen." He didn't care if her friend showed up to drive him and Alec there, in the wee morning hours.

He said the exact thing to Molly when she got there.  Alec was in a deep sleep in his portable crib.

Gage waited up for Molly. He knew she was coming because she'd already left before Halie even made the call.

"Is she always like this?" He wanted to know.

Molly only shrugged. She told him Halie was always there for Alec. "She probably just misses him."

Gage wanted to rant, but he didn't. Instead he handed her a blanket and a pillow for the couch.

"It seems to me, she'd be more worried about his safety, you know." He couldn't help to be steamed. "She's just going to have miss him a little longer."

Of course, when Molly peeked in on Alec, she sweetly said, "Aw..."

Gage couldn't help, but to smile too.

"I dunno why you'd drive all this way and want to turn around and drive right back." It was a four hour round trip.

"I had nothing better to do." She smiled at him as if maybe she wanted something to take care of, too.


She was a little too close for comfort.

"I better get back to bed." He winced, showing her to the couch. He was definitely going to sleep with all his clothes on tonight.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope she doesn't try anything on Gage.


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OMG! His Hair! Incredible!