Monday, July 6, 2015

if its a holiday

My French Romance

"Well, of course, Bash will do it." Jax was all excited. A trip to Paris. They got a good price on the train tickets. Right now was a great time to travel in Europe. Or so he promised Josie and Henry who were over at his place.

Bash made something French, which turned out just to be a stirfry. He wasn't nearly being French enough. Jax wanted him to show off to Halie's American friends.

Of course, Archie had a date who looked an awful lot like Molly. Of course, Molly was slumming. Dolan had decided to take off to the unknown. A gap year of some kind. Without her.

So, Jax didn't dare ask questions. No, he was being his sunny self, chatting up with Josie and her bloke. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had a dinner party.

"And Halie, what's missing about you?" Jax let slip. Oh yeah, she didn't have a baby hanging on her hip. "Sorry." He didn't mention the American father. Of course, he'd stayed with the little one. Jax guessed he wouldn't meet him, which was fine with him.

Dustin went to spice up Halie's juice. He gave Jax a quick smile, to quit while he was ahead. Dustin put his arm around Halie who looked up at Dustin with a sour face.

what do I do..

"What is it?" Dustin wished Halie could just chill. "Isn't this what you've always wanted, for us to get away?" Of course, they wouldn't be bunking at Bash's relative. "You know, Marco's sister said she'd be happy if we wanted to stay the weekend with her." He put his arm around her, thinking finally they were adults about to do very adult activities. Maybe even in bed.

She only nodded as she reached for her cell.

"You know, he's all right. They would have called. Jama is there, She isn't going to let anything happen to Alec." Dustin sighed, a bit worried because Halie was worried. "Just relax."

She took the drink from him and took a sip. She smiled then.

He wished she wasn't so worked up about Gage. Dustin wasn't.

He put his arm around her and stood back to watch the show as Jax was in full throttle about his adventures in dog walking.

He looked over to see Molly putting in twice as much vodka in her drink. Dustin hoped she didn't go on a bender tonight.

my American Romance

Well, Molly was sick of watching all these romantic couples together. Dolan didn't exactly break her heart, but he was nice to have around, for times like these. She watched her pink drink perspire.

It didn't even taste good. Of course, it didn't help to have her sister around with Archie. She really thought Archie could do better, but she guessed all this time she thought he was going to be a priest or something.

Of course, her sis wouldn't admit to anything. But they sat together and talked as if they were the best of mates.

Oh..she so wanted to meet that American. She could sense it, already. He would be the one for her. She'd seen his picture. Halie never had a good thing to say about him, but evidently he must have been good at one thing.

She couldn't help but smile. Yes, she wanted an American. Yes, something that simple.

I ship us

When Sophie's grandmother came and got her on the 4th, Maggie thought... maybe it was a sign.

Of course, it helped that Gavin came to her parents cookout.

Naturally, they watched the recorded Reality show that Leo and Sal were a part of. They were doing great. Well, Leo.. more so than Sal (who had been in the bottom 3 in the last couple of episodes, but somehow he always pulled through). Of course, the show was all top secret and Leo said he wasn't allowed to call home.

Finally, after the town Fireworks were shot off, Maggie asked Gavin back to her place.

Of course, he was giddy, but she was sure he'd say no. Finally a "Sure." came out of him. Still, she wondered if he liked making all the first moves.

So there they were.

She asked if he wanted wine.

"No." He shook his head. She thought it might be the start of something, but it wasn't.

Before she knew it they were on the couch watching Fireworks in some foreign country. She stared at the screen wondering why they were actually celebrating an American Holiday, but she didn't say anything.

And then he put his arm around her. Still, she had to make the first move. It seemed quite silly to her but he took the invitation, and she didn't dare question it.


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I hope things work for them!


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I gotta wonder if Dustin and Halie are going to get through this trip.