Tuesday, August 18, 2015

a freak of nature

everybody loves to tell me

Of course, Mae thought the worst. Someone to claim she'd done something wrong. She was always doing something wrong. Like, making a library card with a celebrity name when she wasn't thinking to put in the correct name(They just reminded her of that celebrity). Yes, she was a daydreamer, and not even she could explain why she did the things she did. Usually they got corrected.

But he was there. She blinked, wondering if her vision was going. Yes, she'd been staring at all those new graphic novel stickers too much, that Jude wanted her to replace. Although, Ben took over the simple duty. He had a volunteer helping him in the stacks.

"Oh, its..you." She smiled, wishing she hadn't smiled too much.

"Hi." He introduced himself. He was Gun and he'd brought her egg-roles.

"Really." She gritted a smile.

He'd made them, himself.

"Are they for sharing?" She wanted to know.

He nodded. She told him to meet her out front. She went to get some cold sodas from the drink machine. Mae was taking a break. It was time for her lunch break. They went across the way to the grass knoll near the high school for a picnic.

It felt like an impromptu date of some kind. Seriously, she'd never met anyone quite like Gun.

He might have been somber on the outside, but he was handsome too, and she really couldn't believe he remembered her.

He didn't ask about her co-worker, Cassie. He said he was new to the area, and lived with a relative.

"Maybe, you could come by the diner." He worked most nights. He said he was a night person.

Her smile was quick as he told her this. She was an early morning person. It was ridiculous to think they could possibly ever go out. She supposed this was probably the only moment she'd know of him.

a girl doesn't always know

It was quite a bumpy airplane trip. Vada couldn't remember ever being this exhausted. It didn't help that she had an on going nightmare about zombies. And to find out Alo was one too.

She winced hard, wondering if that meant anything. She doubted it. Naturally, she made a phone call when they landed. She called Frankie first. Of course, he was formal and dull as usual. All she got out of him, "Everything is fine."

"Told you, he'd be fine." Alo looked at her, as if she worried too much. But she needed to call her Mom and then Josie.

"What about Henry?' Alo asked while they were waiting for their luggage.

"Josie will tell me everything I need to know." Vada sighed as she waited for Josie to pick up. As soon as she heard Josie's voice, Vada knew she had to call Henry.

But it wasn't long until Alo's mother met them.

It was a surprise to Vada to see someone so down to earth. They didn't have anyone special to pick them up. She was in pants, not dressed to the nines for a fashion show.

Vada guessed it wouldn't be a miserable visit, after all. And yes, Alo did live in a castle. Sort of.

It was mainly for tourists now. Actually, his mother lived in a house behind the castle. Or a cottage, as she called it.

"Oh, the castle is just too big for me." She told them both. It was a lot to keep up with. There were a few rooms available for a bed and breakfast, but she actually took care of the sheep herself. That was her love. The animals.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I like Alo's mother. She seems compassionate.


Launna said...

I love how down to earth Alo's mother is... no wonder I like Alo ♡