Monday, August 17, 2015

in a mood to keep mute

in a mood to keep mute

Jude couldn't help to miss Alo.

Actually, he was the only one Jude missed at the boarding house.

Didn't he realize as of yet that he'd moved up in the world? Well, his boyfriend had his own house and it was on the sweet side of town, where you could go to cinema-plex or to the mall with the snap of the fingers

And Jude had to start driving again, which made him so nervous, but he couldn't let Preston know. Actually, there were a lot of things he couldn't let Preston know.

Mae being one of them.

Yes, he couldn't say they were friends, but there were some benefits. Now he gave her the most work he could. She could never please him these days. Perhaps it was all in the name of hate, but actually he loved seeing her all angst with that nasty glare of hers.

Yes, she was overworked and under-paid, and he enjoyed always telling her what she did wrong.

However, Audrey got in on the latter. Being all aggressive, taking Mae's side.

"You know, she doesn't work for you. She works for the library." She informed him he was changing too many things in his department. "And before you know it, you'll want those books and video games killed."

She was definitely the she devil. He could hardly look at Mae now, as he kept to himself, wondering how in the world was he suppose to get his goals done here at the library.

"Have a poetry contest, or a Dr. Who marathon. Do something with these kids!" Audrey ordered. She told him the director was watching him. Jude better act like a Young Adult Librarian.

He'd only made a face at that.

Someone was calling Mae to the front. Someone wanted to see her. Naturally, Jude wanted to know who that could be.


Launna said...

Hmmm ... why is Jude so interested in Mae..

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jude's interest in Mae seems to be intense lately.