Sunday, August 16, 2015

Making my own movie

Something to think on

Gun didn't spend his time laying in bed thinking about girls, but he couldn't help to smile, thinking about that girl at the library faking Korean.

Was she trying to impress him?

He winced then, thinking he was trying to impress that blonde at the library with his art. He knew he shouldn't have. She probably had a boyfriend. What if she was married?

What had came over him?

OK, he guessed he was homesick. He didn't think he was. What was there to miss? It was true, he was a disappointment to the old man. Why else had they shipped him here? Sure they talked about this grand opportunity, moving to America.

He knew he should be a businessman of some sort right now, but he was from a new generation, always playing a video game or some sort of social media. But he wasn't there now.

He hadn't felt like telling his friends where he'd gone. They's smirk and laugh, knowing he was just a cook now.

If he let himself think about those punks, he'd really be depressed.

Finally, he got dressed, it was going on noon and he hadn't even had breakfast yet.

All was quiet. His so called niece was at the University, and that boy of hers was probably at the diner. He lived there more than at home.

Gun rummaged through the fridge. All he found were the eggrolls he'd brought home from last night.

He smiled to himself.

He wondered if he could impress that girl from the library. No, not the one who never gave him the time of day, but the other one who was so funny. He couldn't help to chuckle. Maybe she was at the library today.

making my own movie

Jesse was the one who was at Caitlin's bedroom window that full moonlight night. He couldn't help to think it was an escape of some kind. But she was just in a night gown and barefooted, and he didn't care.

"Well, come on." He barely said above a whisper as he helped her out. It wasn't much of a jump. After all, it was a one-story house. Didn't even have a basement.

Off they went, as if they might take a trip to Neverland, but they'd have to load up, in his old pickup truck first, and stop by the sea for one last look since they would soon see very dry land.

"Where are we going?" She looked pleased he'd invited her.

"Well, there won't be an ocean around." He looked at her, out of the corner of his eye with his arm around her shoulder. She was a good fit, after all. He couldn't help but want to watch her. She'd been on his mind all summer.

Here they were.

"I got this grandpa, who says I can work on his ranch." He told her.

"Are there horses?"

He nodded. She'd never ridden a horse before.

"Well, you can ride all you want too." He assured her. They were going to Del Rio.

"Are we going to Mexico?" She wanted to know when they headed out of town (after he'd gassed up and bought them matching DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS T-shirts). He picked her up some jean-like leggins too. And of course, flip-flops. He guessed they better find some boots , along the way. He didn't want to take his chances of her stepping on a rattle snake. But they had miles to go before sunrise. Still, there was no A/C in the truck.

Jesse shook his head, no. "Almost." He told her it was a border town.

He guessed he'd find out what Caitlin was really made of... by the time they got there.

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Loving the impromptu road trip they're indulging in!