Sunday, August 30, 2015

hanging out

hanging out

Ben hoped this was like riding a bike. He did remember how, but he didn't like peddling much. No one had let him drive a car. And somebody else's too.

But he meant to do it. He wanted to be there for Mae. And she need him. He had to have a little faith. Well, a lot of faith.

Thankfully, the parking lot was practically empty. He carefully backed out. The hardest part, he supposed. And off they went.

Steady..Steady..He pushed on the brake carefully when the old Subaru  got to the stop sign. A part of him wanted to make one more big circle around the parking lot for good measure, but he guessed that would be ridiculous.

He sighed as the blue car got on the empty road. It was a clear day. Not a car in sight, and he only had to make a right.

Easy..easy..he kept telling himself.

She was still crying. Her hands covering her face. Good, he thought, maybe she shouldn't see this turn.

He barreled up the hill, pushing his foot to the petal. Then a left. He knew exactly where she lived, even if he'd never actually been in her apartment.

He cleared his throat. "We're here."

"What?" She looked up breathless, as if it was all too soon.

He got out and opened her cardoor and got her to her feet. He had her keys so he unlocked the door and put the keys on the little counter at the kitchen.

Naturally, she hugged herself, plopping on the couch.

"You, can leave now." She ordered.

"Seriously?" He looked at her as if she was the worst comic in the world. "I just got here." He went through the cabinets and found a pot to heat some water.

"What are, you doing?" She was slightly annoyed, but not enough to get off the couch. She sat in the dark.

"Making you, Ramen." Ben didn't have to look hard for the bowls of quick to make soup. He didn't like the microwave. It just did something awful to the noodles and taste, as far as he was concerned.

"Fine." She was in a huff, sitting so rigid, like a doll with unbend-able legs.

He turned on the light, and looked at her. She only sighed. Her mouth in a small pout.

"I wish you'd talk about it." He went to see if the water was doing anything. Of course, it wasn't. He turned the electric heat up and put a lid on the pot.

"This might take some time." Ben shrugged and went to check out the fridge. It was practically empty. Just a cold jug of tap water. He got it out and found the wine glasses.

A part of him, did wonder if she drank wine from the bottle. No need for a glass. Because, obviously she did live alone.

Finally, the water was boiling. In spite of the directions being in Korean, Ben found the fill line of the recyclable bowls the dry noodles were in. Carefully, he poured the hot water over the dehydrated veg that emerged to the top. He covered the paper lid so the steam couldn't escape and waited.

It was exciting to Ben, to be here. He hoped she'd let him hang out with her more often.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad to see Ben so happy!