Saturday, August 29, 2015

its a rather short story

Its rather a short story

Mae couldn't get out of the library fast enough. She wanted to get home and make her a bowl of noodles and let some Korean drama take her away from all this.

There was no way she was going to tell Audrey anything about Jude.

Of course, they (Mae and Jude) didn't like each other. They hadn't for quite some time.

Besides, Jude was rather fickle.

She couldn't think what her fascination with him was, to begin with. Mae wouldn't breathe a word of it. Not even now, and yet the past hung around her like a bad dream she couldn't wake up from.

It was stupid. She gritted, trying to keep herself from even thinking what had happened.

She tried to think of Gun's happy smile now. He was so calm and he looked her in the eye when he spoke. Oh, she wanted to remember his words. How the corners of his lips curved when he spoke. And all this time, she thought he would be a bully. Mean to her.

No, that was Jude.

But the fact remained, she'd hurt his pride, more than anything.

Honestly, when the whole ordeal took place, she didn't know it was actually going to happen. Right there in the Young Adult area, after the library the little circle where a reader could go to get away from it all. A quiet spot. Surrounded by good reads.

He dropped his pants and before she knew it. Something foreign was there to meet her. His hand was on the top of her head. And instead of turning to scream with her lungs....well, she just wanted to get it over with. Quietly. And that's when she bit him.

It served him right, she thought now. At the time, it was truly an accident because she really wasn't that kind of girl. Maybe if she'd looked it up on YouTube, all this might have gone smoothly, but she didn't think she could find that kind of channel. All she'd ever wanted to learn to do was to knit with her hands.

Needless to say, the escapade, the fling, the incident..whatever, did not end well..and he'd been rather arrogant since. But she hadn't brought up the matter.

Maybe it was best to be with a boy like Ben. Well, Ben as in Now. Not the Ben she used to know. Yes, she'd crossed paths with him, a life time ago. And he was not THAT BEN. She never thought of him now as the hyper individual he used to be. She wouldn't even bring it up now.

Their friendship was one she could feel settled with. He would definitely not ask anything of her.

A part of her didn't even know if she could have a relationship with Gun. It would probably be best to keep things friendly with no benefits.

As sad as Mae felt right now... only the comfort of Ramen in a quaint chicken broth would do the trick. But her nose stopped up, while sitting in her old car. She started to cry. Her face dripped with hot tears.

Yes, she hated herself for being so stupid.

She hesitated to put the keys in the ignition, but she was already in a sweat. A tap came to the driver's side window.

She looked up to see Ben.

"What?" She could barely manage, rolling down the window.

"You, don't look so good." It sounded like a report from someone who was bird watching on a field expedition.


"I don't think, you should drive home." He told her.

"Why? Why do you care?" She sniffed.

"I just do." He opened her car door. She scooted over, and he started the car, as if knew exactly what he was doing.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a strange little exchange. :/


runners said...

oh boy!! I don't even know what to say. No wonder you didn't want to post this one. I would see that "incident" as forced and Jude should be held responsible. Is Ben good?

Anonymous said...

Well.. I never expected to read this. I really feel sorry for Mae. Hopefully her story turns out positive..
Btw did it take courage to post this? Or did the story just to need to come out?