Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm up for that

I'm up for that

It was true. Irma evidently made a friend for life with Jung.

She'd probably did the stupidest thing to some, but she'd went ballistic when a coworker kept referring to Jung as Junk.

Irma just couldn't take it. She was ready to get into a fist fight with the dude who was only a part-time shelver at the grocery store. But she'd stood up for Jung. After all, he was a hard worker. Deaf too.

Now she was his sunbae or was that hoobae? He'd make a quick bow when he was in her presence. And that smile of his was ever so endearing.

"And you're sure, you two aren't dating?" Holden wanted to know.

"No, I don't think so." Irma wasn't sure.

Jung never came over, but sometimes, they'd meet up at the library, and he'd show her how to trace over signing  pictures with tracing paper. He was a skilled artist.

Usually, they would study together. And she helped him with words. Simple sentences.

From a distance, she wasn't sure he was learning anything, and then he'd catch her off guard and show her.. he was practically a genius.

But he could be noisy for a deaf guy. His laugh was as much fun as his sweet smile. It was true, every day, he made her smile more. And it felt good to help someone. Maybe it was Jung who helped her all along to get her GED. By the beginning of August, she'd got her paperwork in at the college in Lawrence to start classes.

Back to School!

School was back in session. Honestly, Syreeta felt last semester was a lifetime ago. She'd had some fun over the summer with Zac, but that was over too. For the first time, she really felt OK with herself. She really didn't need a thing from him. Maybe they'd meet again. Maybe not.

Her brother Fish was off on his own. Well, Shan, his husband, finally made it out to Virgina and was just a stay at home spouse, at the moment. Definitely, not a very good cook and was the worst housekeeper in the world. She really couldn't see them lasting long, but maybe they'd surprise her.

And there was Clive. All by his lonesome. He didn't have THAT girl hanging all over him. Actually, it was nice to see him alone.

"What's up?" She said ever so carefree without a load in her backpack yet.

"Nothing much." He shrugged. He'd changed jobs. "I'm at the movie theater now."

"Where's Jade?" Syreeta remembered her name.

"Oh..about her..." He sighed as if he'd have to tell her. "She met my cousin Herbie..and well.." He looked just a little sad about it. "We're done."

"Are you even talking to your cousin?" Syreeta was a little concerned.

"What's there to talk about?" He smiled as if Herbie took a burden from him.

She punched him in the arm, ever so playful. He faked a mega-drama smile of his own. Syreeta couldn't help but smile. This was right where she wanted to be.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It's nice to see Syreeta so happy!


Launna said...

Syreeta is cute...I hope this pans out xox