Tuesday, August 25, 2015

just finding the kindred spirit

more than thoughts

Scott was glad Barry stayed. After all, Essie insisted. It wasn't until after he left and they were putting the leftovers away that he mentioned Barry.

"Why didn't you get a hold of him sooner?" She wanted to know.

"I just..didn't think..about it." He sighed. "I mean, its been ages. I figured he moved away, I guess." He explained that Barry's father was his father's twin. "Its just I got the bad one, and Barry got the good one."

Scott tried to smile, but it hurt. Since there was a time, he thought he might go to live with Barry and his folks, but his great Aunt wouldn't have that.

"I think that old woman wanted you, all to herself." Essie said it sounded like a plot from a Jane Austen novel.

"Well, it clearly was not a Jane Austen novel." Scott looked at her, wondering if she was going to eat all the left over cake. It was a mess of marshmallow and chocolate. She chunked the leftovers in the trash.

Essie just smiled.

"Taylor came through on this one." Scott smirked as he went to clean the pan. "I don't know why you think the worst of him, some time."

"He's a lazy bum." Essie told him.

"Oh, he just hasn't had you around to train him." He looked back at her who was putting the sliced tomatoes and lettuce away from tomorrow's salad.

She looked back at him with a smile. "I'm glad I met Barry. I hope you see him soon."

Scott had Barry's phone number in his contacts now. He supposed he'd be calling his cousin sooner than he meant too.

What's a guy to do?

Frankie did his best to hide from Lottie, but she always found him. Usually, she showered him with candy bars. Candy bars he couldn't eat. Sugar was not in his diet, but he knew it would be weird to explain it to her. He would thank her and put them in his locker at work. Before long he didn't know what he should be doing with them.

He wondered if he should have a fund raiser, sale the Snicker Bars and give the cash to Lottie's favorite charity, but he hated to ask what that might be. Besides, he let her do all the talking.

1. She grew up on a farm.
2. She learned to drive a tractor before she drove a car.
3. She could plow by the time she was 10.
4. She could drive a grain truck by the time she was 12.
5. She told him the story of sticking her hand up a horse's butt to help birth a colt (he squirmed through that story and almost threw up).
6. She did like to talk. And she loved most boy bands, but as of yet.. she had not found a girl band she liked.

And then, J.D. who was his supervisor asked Frankie if Lottie was his girlfriend.

"Girlfriend?" Frankie drew a blank. Sometimes, she would drive him to Henry's parents or to the mall. They had tried new places to eat on Sunday afternoons since the dining hall on campus was closed then. "Well..."

"Cause, if you're not dating her, I want to ask her out." J.D. said so matter a fact.

Frankie winced, then nursed his bottom lip. He just didn't know if he liked the idea of Lottie going out with J.D..

"Well, we're dating." Frankie found himself saying. Seriously, he couldn't actually see himself dating anyone. But if that's what it looked like they were doing..dating..well, maybe they were.

"You know, Homecoming is coming up." J.D. wondered what big plans he had.

"Homecoming?" Frankie never went in high school. "What..what's there to do?" Frankie asked as most natural as he could without looking like a total idiot.

"Well, the game. Oh, and bomb fire, the night before. And then..you know, all those parties on Frat row." J.D. smiled as if he knew a thing or two about the keg parties.

At least there wasn't a dance. Frankie was thankful there was no dancing. He knew he'd step all over Lottie's toes.


Launna said...

Guys are so funny... not sure they want a girl until another guy wants her... I hope Frankie really likes Lottie ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Lottie sounds pretty cool!


runners said...

it's sad when a Father didn't deserve respect. That it wasn't earned. Saddens me. :(

Anonymous said...

Love the writing and the set! I think Frankie is warming up to her, that's nice :) And JD's interested too now, this might force Frankie to take some kind of action. Who knows what will happen, very excited for the next one :) hugs!

deb said...