Wednesday, August 26, 2015

about a dog story

about a dog

Cassie wanted to say it started off like any usual Wednesday morning. There might have been even a hint of fall in the air. After all, kiddies were back in school. And she'd waited til almost nine a.m. to head out with Elsa.

It was going to be a fine day. A wonderful day. A cool morning breeze.

She sighed of that thought.

Oh, there had been an ugly beast. A black German Shepherd. She should have known it wasn't going to go right. But she'd never seen Elsa around another dog. Not until now.

First a lunge, a growl. Oh, the TEETH!

She'd gritted hard herself, trying to pull Elsa back. She couldn't even say, who actually started it. But her dog was on a leash. The shepherd wasn't. Thank God, Barry was there.

He broke up the fight. Somehow.

But now, they were in the Animal hospital waiting room, and Barry had blood on his pale shirt. Elsa's blood.

Cassie, could barely look. She could hardly say at thing. After all, it was Barry who took them to the hospital.

about a girl

Well, there were a lot of things Barry didn't know about Cassie. The fact she didn't drive. She didn't have a car.

But when the nurse scanned Elsa's chip, his address was still on record. And yes, the animal insurance was still in his name.

"Who's dog this..exactly?" The veterinarian's assistant asked.

"Oh..well..its..its her dog now." Barry turned to look at Cassie who was more distressed than he realized.

He finally gave her the facts that Elsa had been his dog.

"I should have told you, first thing..but..I didn't want you to think.." He sighed wondering if she did think he was a stalker, of some kind. "I..I just wanted what was best for Elsa..and .." Of course, he thought Cassie should have more control of the dog. She was letting her eat way too many carrots for her salt in take. And she gave the dog, dog biscuits! How could she? "She's your dog." He winced, but he knew the vet bill would be a lot to deal with.

It wasn't too serious, even if Elsa had a neck injury, but there were stitches and meds to worry about.

"Usually, the other dog is in worse shape." He explained Elsa had been in a few fights. "She really is a good dog. She gets along with cats, and little dogs. Its just..she and shepherds don't mix."

Cassie set there distraught.

"Just..just let me help you with her, OK?" He looked at her as if he didn't want to take a thing away from her.

Of course, when the doctor was stitching Elsa up, Cassie hugged him. And for a few minutes, she didn't let go, and Barry couldn't help to feel comforted, too.


Launna said...

Awe... I hope Elsa is okay... Barry seems to like Cassie ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, poor Elsa!