Thursday, August 27, 2015

maybe so

maybe so

"I just don't know if that was the place for you, two," Halie said rather matter of fact about Josie's apartment situation. "I mean, a place with a bar and like it might be a problem." She wiped down another table. It wasn't so bad working at the Campus Coffee Shop. The hours were just enough, and she'd found child care on campus so the brunt of it wouldn't be for Gage's mom to tend too. It was splendid which really surprised Halie, and her brother was a rather cool boss.

"Yeah, I guess." Josie still looked unsettled as if her life would never find that exact peace until she and Henry found their own place. "I mean, there's Derrick and Sky and Samantha moved in to that apartment complex, too." She hugged herself tightly as if nothing was really fair in this world.

"Yeah..Derrick." Halie still didn't know him. Josie had never shown her a picture.  Halie winced at the thought, if she could be around some one she and her boyfriend had both slept with. She made a face of distaste. Of course, she didn't have that to worry about. Not with Gage. And there didn't seem to be any sight of Macy. "You, wouldn't actually want to live in the same apartment complex with him, now would you?"

"I dunno. He's changed so much, having a family now. He and Rossie. He'd be so busy, anyway. I guess, I thought..maybe we could see the baby from time to time." Josie shrugged.

"Why would you want that?" Now Halie really made a face. "You, can come and see Alec, anytime, you know?"

"Of course." Her cell went off and she scurried off to have a conversation with Henry.

Halie looked up and there was a fair face of someone who didn't look as if he might be from here. Handsome too.

"Oh, could I get you anything?" She smiled. Naturally, she didn't do anything in the correct order. Customers were to order at the counter, but she said she could give him a free lemonade. After all, it was going to be thrown out in 15 minutes. It was almost time to close.

He turned and of course she noticed one of his great assets."Nice bum." She held under her breath as she went to get him a cold drink.


Josie was listening on her cell. Henry had some news. It was about a place, close to the library.

"The ceiling are really high." He told her. Actually, it was one of the oldest apartment complexes in town. "I could walk to work. And its in the forest."

She could hear him smiling, already. He seemed to think they could afford it on their own.

"We could be moved in, by the weekend." Oh, he did sound anxious. He could meet her after work. "I'll walk there as soon as I get off. You, won't even have to pick me up."

Josie hoped the place was as great as he seemed to believe it would be.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope the new place lives up to Henry's expectations!