Sunday, August 23, 2015

The party list

the party list

Essie  had pleaded her case with Charlie, about finding someone for Taylor.

"There has to be someone?" She knew it was a lot to ask. At the moment Charlie was her closest friend, even if she was with Essie's ex.

Of course, Essie never asked about Carson. Charlie certainly never said anything about him. Naturally, Carson was not coming to the party. Essie invited him, but she knew him. She knew how he hated defeat and wouldn't even look it in the eye.

Essie felt so emotional about a lot of things, lately. It started happening before the baby was born.

She remembered sobbing into the little crocheted cap... Taylor made for Katherine. He'd looked at her as if she'd lost it. But it was all coming back to her how she missed her family. She missed her friends too. And she was going to be friends with Charlie, in spite of Carson.

So Charlie was bringing Lily with her. Essie didn't dare ask why Carson wouldn't keep her. He was home now. Practically, on vacation. He wasn't bringing in a paycheck yet. Yeah, they were still strapped for cash. Essie could see Carson telling Charlie, she had no business going to any birthday party. Especially, a birthday party for Essie. But Ricki and Topher would be here. It wasn't a big guest list. And actually, the best birthday gift for Essie would be finding someone for Taylor.

just a chance of rain

"OK, I aren't going to like this." Charlie said on the drive over to Essie's. "But..." Charlie looked over at Sara, then back to the street. "Somebody, might want to chat... you up." Of course, Essie didn't know Sara. And Charlie only knew Sara through, Hansen when he worked at the grocery store where she worked.

Of course, she still thought of them together. But when he went to France, she helped Sara get a place of her own, where Charlie lived.

Sara lived in a one bedroom apartment around the corner, but Charlie thought Sara enjoyed living on her own, after breaking up with Hansen.

 Every once in while, they might go out to a movie or Sara would go along with Charlie and Lily to the zoo or the playground. Actually, Sara had made the summer bearable.  And maybe..just maybe Sara was over Hansen.

"But why?" Sara looked at Charlie puzzled.

"Oh..its nothing." Charlie didn't really think it was nothing. "Essie, likes to talk. But, you never know what she's going to talk about. Probably about her brother. And..really..after all this time..this summer..I haven't even met him. But he'll be at the party."

"Was I suppose to dress up?" She gave Charlie the eye.

"No.'re just fine. I'm just telling you..she know..pair.. you two ..up. I hope not. I mean, I'll do my best..not to let that happen."

"I bet you wish Carson was here." Sara sighed as she looked out the car window. It was overcast. Humid. A chance for a storm.

"No. I'm definitely glad he's not here. He would definitely not want to go to Essie's." Charlie looked wide eyed at the road.

"Then, what's he doing tonight?"

"He's suppose to be at his mother's having dinner." Charlie hoped he didn't get out of going.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm eager to see what transpires between Essie and Sara.


Launna said...

I hope Essie has a good party... there is a lot going on xox

Anonymous said...

So cool!