Saturday, August 22, 2015

in the family

in the family

Scott didn't think this was the time to bring it up, but it was too late when the doorbell rang.

It was Barry.

Essie didn't ask. He was pretty sure she was taking a nap because Katherine, the baby, was taking a nap.

Of course, the house looked immaculate and what better way to just let somebody pop over.

"I hope you didn't think it was crazy, you know..but..when was the last time I saw you?" Barry's handshake was hearty, and he obviously got all the friendly genes in the family.

"I dunno." Scott shrugged. Faintly, he felt exactly like the first time he met his cousin Barry. One Christmas, decades ago. Clumsy. "Grade school?"

"Must have been." Barry looked at him as if why had it been so long. "I mean, I really thought you were going to come and live with us. Mom, wanted you too. Dad, talked about it..and then..well..nothing."

Barry took a seat in the livingroom. It was an old story Scott didn't dare get in to. He didn't get to live with his uncle who was his father's twin brother.

Scott offered him soda. He didn't keep beer in the house. Essie didn't want Scott having it around with her brother here.

" have you..been?"Barry wanted to know.

Scott told him he was married. And about the baby girl. Well, not the complete facts, but that he was a father.

"You, you..have any kids?"

"I just don't see the future." Barry sighed. "I mean, mom was always let down that I never married Piper, but it was a good thing, it didn't happen."

Scott nodded.

"All I really want right my dog back. I guess you, think that's kind of silly." Barry told Scott he worked at an insurance company. "But you, look at you. I mean your practically, a doctor."

"Nurse practitioner." Scott clarified. He tried to smile. He guessed he could let Essie know that he did have family around, too.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Anyone who loves his dog as much as Barry loves his can't be all bad.


deb said...

Such a sad story, but I like it!