Saturday, August 8, 2015

You know, it used to be mad love


Gage wasn't sure what he remembered now about Macy and Dustin when Macy's mother found him at the grocery store when he was on his hands and knees culling bags of potato chips at the deli.

Gage sighed as he looked up at her. Of course, he knew who she blamed about Macy's departure.

He swallowed back the fear that she might actually kick him in this vulnerable position.

"No, I don't remember them kissing." He closed his eyes and thought for a moment. Yes, he'd kissed Halie as if he'd done it out of necessity. He really did think he was going to lose her on that crowded street. But he couldn't tell Macy's mother how it went down with Macy and Dustin. "Haven't you talked to her?" He didn't want to be involved with this. He knew Halie would go ballistic, if she knew he was talking to Macy's mother.

"I've tried, I many times, won't even take my calls." Her mother hugged herself hard, as if she was waiting for Gage to fix this.

"Sorry." He barely said above a breath. "Its ..just..she's..she's with Dustin now..and ..well.." He could barely look her in the eye. "I gotta..a family to think about. My own." He pressed his lips tight.

"But you loved her. You did. You can't just..throw that away-"

"Look, she was the one who had something going on with Dustin..for..God long." Gage swelled up, not wanting to think he still had feelings for Macy..because he didn't. "She's..she's the one who hurt me..." He sighed heavily, trying to make peace before he said something he regretted. "There's nothing I can do about it." He cut her short and took the armful of chips to the back to put in a box for the homeless shelter.

Girl, we could go far

"I'm not really a ginger." Dustin shrugged. Of course, there were plenty in Macy's long lost relatives who lived in Scotland. Macy's grandmother wasn't even English.

"I don't think I am, either." Macy nodded as they were on a walk after their bit of a welcome from the neighbors who flocked together in the Scottish glen, trying to piece Macy's lineage. They were a friendly bunch, but neither Macy nor Dusty really took to the mutton stew or other Scottish favorites.

"I dunno how many times, people would tell me mum..oh, what a ginger, you've got there." He held on to Macy's hand. That's when he told her about his father with all that money. "Rocker, of some sort, and hasn't the time for me." He hoped she didn't think he was in a fret about it. "It doesn't really matter, you know. I mean, I might be a poor little rich kid about now." He grinned.

"It isn't easy to get along with parents who..well, have too much on their mind." Macy was ever so even lipped. "Guess, my mom, means well, but..she always wanted to do her own thing. Sometimes, I think.. out of spite. Didn't see my Dad for the longest time. Come to find out, he has this son. He's older than me....And I like Rico and all...still, its hard to forgive my Mom. Leaving me with my gram all that time. I felt stuck, you know. And I love my gram, I really do, but it was too much in the end. I guess, I am like my Mom, after all."

Macy looked at Dustin as if she might cry.

He held her hand ever so gentle. Just then, he looked up to see a little rock building in the middle of nowhere. It was a church. Possibly just a relic now. It didn't really matter, he smiled to himself. It was a church.

"What do you say? We get married." He looked at her ever so brightly.

"Married?" Of course, she looked at him as if he were plain crazy.

"Yeah." Perhaps, it would take a bit of imagination, but it felt like the right thing to do.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope they're not rushing into this!


Launna said...

I don't think Dustin and Macy should move too fast..