Sunday, August 9, 2015

now don't get your panties in a wad

What would I know?

Martha was entirely against it, to begin with, but here she was at Maggie's, discussing her wedding.

And there was wine.

"Are you two trying to get me drunk?" She winced hard, but then tried to be funny as she looked at Gavin and Maggie. "And when did you start calling yourself Gavin?" She wanted to know.

"Oh, Maggie seems to think it suits me." Gavin just smiled as his hand rested on Maggie's knee.

Martha drew a frown. Well, that wasn't even his name. She started to badger him about his business cards and was he really going to change his name just because Maggie suggested it?

"She thinks it sounds too much like a gar, you know, a fish." He shrugged.

"Oh." She'd have to leave it at that because Brice took her by surprise and rested his hand on her shoulder.

For a moment, she wondered if this was a test. Maybe a contest. Just to see who was the most romantic. She took another sip of the rhine wine. It was fruity, tangy and she'd have to get use to liking it, because she really couldn't stand this four hour dinner party.

"How's your sister?' Gavin asked.

She looked at him blankly.

"Oh, fine." But they didn't really see each other much. She was off in Kenya, helping her girlfriend with patients in the out back of Africa. Although, she didn't want to get into that. Seriously, Martha was starting to think she was the only one who was selfish in this world.

There Maggie was with a toddler to foster, and a job that countless teens counted on.

She looked over at Brice. He was all smiles. She smiled too, took another sip of the summer wine.

The doorbell rang.

Gavin went to get it.

"I wonder who that could be?" Maggie looked slightly alarmed. As if the police finally found out she was a fraud and were taking her to jail. Oh, at least Martha could imagine it.

But it was no such thing. Just a handsome fellow, all by his lonesome. Martha could see, he was hoping Maggie was alone.

probably never

Well, it had been a fun summer. Just not long enough, Caitlin thought now, as she watched the waves lick her bare feet. Yes, she was a summer girl, after all. And all was just the way her parents wanted it to be. She stayed in the extra room at Rico's grandmother's while Rico bunked with his cousin Jesse. They ran a taco truck.

However, she might have been falling for the wrong guy. Jesse was perhaps not perfect, but she did see the perfections in the motion of him. He guided so easily through the day. His shoulders were broad, and he was totally breath taking when he slipped off his shirt.

Sometimes, she thought he did it for show, but usually, there was some purpose in mind. Maybe to let her know that he thought she was special, too.

She didn't want to have these feelings. After all, Rico was her boyfriend. And she couldn't let go of that.

But then the phone calls came. Rico would be on the phone with Macy.

What had she done this time? Caitlin wanted to run and ask, but then she'd hear him say to Macy. "I just found you, you can't do this to me now!"

This changed Caitlin's outlook with Rico. Maybe he was in love with his sister.

Even her friend Ramon, some slacker she met on the beach, mentioned it one night at a summer party.

Why did she have so much doubt? Did she want things to fall apart with her and Rico? It wasn't like it was a grownup relationship. He was just her boyfriend. Not her lover. And she wanted one of those.

what's a girl to do?

Maggie didn't see this coming. Did Rhys think he was the one? Had she lead him on... since the last time they met? Oh, there was a chance he was going to kiss her then, but that was in early July or late June.

Oh, he was making her blush. She couldn't think. Damn, if she shouldn't have left the wine alone on a sunny afternoon. What had come over her?

Well, things were perfect with her and Gavin now. She'd even suggested the name change, which she never ever thought would happen. And she couldn't tell anyone exactly why she'd done it.

Yes, maybe she'd been a little testy, but what was Gavin really going to do for her? Maybe it was the notion that he could change for her. He might marry her, too.

Oh, suddenly..romance was a touchy subject. She wasn't used to this many suitors because she'd gone years where there were none.

But evidently, Rhys was thinking about her. Why else would he be here?

"You, should have called." She'd leave it at that. He'd better back away, get in car and be done with it.

"I know." He said ever so calm as if he didn't have a place to be, but here. "I just thought..I'd say hello." He was in town. Checking up on that boy who was living at his sister's. Naturally, he said hello to Sophie and introduced himself to her guests.

Yes, he was staying. Like she'd meant to invite him all along, but had just forgotten.

She looked to Gavin, as if he better fight for her, but of course he didn't. He made room for Rhys at the table.