Monday, August 10, 2015

we all have a story

we all have a story

Charlie supposed all was right with the world. The wedding was starting to take shape with a date lined up and dresses to be seen too. Even the menu looked decent enough, and Carson was back.

Oh, she still wished he was spinning her around. She'd never seen him so happy. He was happy. Perhaps, mainly his accomplishment at the Police Academy, but she soon realized he was happy to see her, too.

Naturally, the whole family gathered for his graduation. It was a bit tense with his mother and his father, but they got through it. His mother and Ren put a little party together at his Dad's, and it was sweet. Even if Carson would barely let his mom touch him.

Now she knew where all the angst came from, with him. He grew restless and they went home before anyone else. And she guessed she was glad to be alone with him, but for a moment she thought what would he be like if she made him mad. She never wanted to make Carson mad.

Of course, she laid down with him, and what he really wanted only took about 20 minutes. Then he went to sleep. Snoring, in fact. She had not missed the snoring.

And Macy called.

"Macy, where have you been!" Charlie thought Macy might be home by now, even if Charlie was standing in the dark of the livingroom in Carson's Tee. "You, could have called, I would have met you at the airport."

"I'm still here. Scotland, in fact." Macy had spread her grandmother's ashes at the country side where she was born. "She didn't really live there, but she was born there."

"And now you're coming home?"

"No, I've decided I want to be with Dustin." She told her.

"Dustin, but..but he's just a friend. Isn't he a lot older than you?" She knew he was 21 or so and Macy just turned 16.

"Don't make him sound like he's forty, or something." Charlie could tell Macy didn't like this conversation.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to live with his mother while he's at the University. Later, I'll be with him. When I've finished school." Macy explained.

"You, can't do that. Seriously?"

"I know I love him."

"OK." Charlie sighed. "What does that mean, exactly?"

"It means we've promised each other-"

"Well, you can do that here." Charlie said quick enough. What kind of romantic garbage had that Englishman fed her? Charlie thought with a grit, as she swelled a frown. "I'm just looking out for you. You're not an idiot. And I know what its like to idiot. Draco..was.."

"Draco? You're comparing Dustin to Draco!" Macy was peeved, as her tone became more agitated.

"No. Of course not, but..but I met Draco when I was just 15. And..and I thought he was the only life I needed. ..and he wasn't. I'm worried about you, Macy." Charlie set down on the couch.

Lily, her daughter, was in her room asleep. All was quiet in the apartment. Except now Charlie wasn't sure she could go to bed, anytime soon. She'd spent a summer alone. She wasn't sure she wanted to give up half the bed to someone else...just yet.

"Talk to me. Tell me whats really going on." Charlie would listen. It was the least she could do.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope everything comes out now.


Launna said...

Macy is too young to make that commitment and Dustin needs to date women his own age...