Tuesday, August 11, 2015

little mistakes

Heart of Glass

Josie was in a mood. It didn't look like they'd get the place.

"I guess its our credit." She shrugged as she tied on her apron, and went to work.

"Look, I bet you two could move in, over Oliver's." Willow reminded her that she and Jules lived there once. Sure, it was small. Just a studio. "The rent would be practically nothing."

Josie nodded. But there was a pool at the apartment complex. And they'd be close to Derrick and Rossie. It was all so grownup. The studio sounded like the last resort. Just a room and a small bathroom with a shower. Josie wanted a home.

Of course, at the time, she'd put in the application, nobody wanted to help them with getting an apartment. No way was her mother signing anything, and Henry's parents were just as bad.

Josie nursed her bottom lip as she went to check the coffee machines. As it was, it looked like the tea dispenser was almost out. She went to make more tea.

She sighed, remembering how Samantha and Sky were full of laughter... until they saw that she was with Henry while looking at the apartmen. Of course, Henry looked like a cripple. He said it was nothing, but he didn't look like he felt good on their little adventure of apartment hunting.

Naturally, Sky wouldn't say a word to her. She didn't speak to him, either. He looked right through her. Or was it, she looked right through him?

She hadn't meant to be so sour, but the idea of those two getting the apartment that Josie had her heart sat on...made her perturbed with everything. She was not happy.

give it up

Sky was being shy. He knew Sam was so excited.

"We have our own place?" They'd snapped it up. But then came all that signing. Documenting how the place was and would they be able to meet all these conditions.

Sky felt miserable now. But he couldn't let it show.

He thought of Josie. He just didn't know what to say, when he saw her with Henry.

It couldn't be serious. It couldn't be.

Probably just roommates.

But Henry had his arm around Josie. Practically, falling all over her.

It couldn't be romantic. Not those two. Sure they, were old friends. But not friends with benefits. He winced hard thinking of the two of them together. He couldn't see it. He didn't want to see it.

"What's the matter?" Sam looked at him as they sat in the apartment complex manager's office. They could hear people splashing at the pool.

"Its nothing." He did his best to smile. His cell rang then. He saw it was Gramps.

"What's up?"

Gramps told him it had been awhile. Didn't he want to come over tonight and grill some burgers. Of course, that meant Sky would be doing the cooking.

"Sure." That's when Sky told him the apartment news.

"You and Josie moving in, together?"

"No.Dad..I'm mean...Gramps." He reminded him.. he was with Sam now. When would his father stop asking about Josie? And when could he stop calling him Gramps?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Looks like Sky is still hung up on Josie.


Launna said...

I see Sky still wants Josie but I like Josie and Henry together ...

ivy said...

Maybe they'll find the right place yet. Interesting about the slip of the tongue with Sky.