Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Derrick to the rescue

Derrick to the rescue

Derrick knew Camille didn't like the idea of Henry alone with Carrie. She wouldn't say it over the phone, but he got the jest of it and hurried over to Henry and Josie's new place. Rossie and the baby tagged along too, even if he did drive. Yes, his driver's license was re-instated. Of course, there was only the one car and he was taking baby-steps these days to get back into the real world.

Still, most of his days were at Daisy's Diner. He practically managed the place, even if it wasn't official.

Rossie was with Carrie who was coloring in a coloring book instead of on the walls of the bare livingroom

"So, are we done yet?" Derrick plowed right in and helped put the kitchen things away. Mostly, items from Henry's mom.

He'd let Henry handle the bedroom. It looked as if all his clothes were taking over the place.

"Well.." Derrick tilted his head to the side and winked with a wince. "Are you, sure you need that much?' He hugged himself, wondering where Josie's stuff would go. After all, she wasn't here to fend for herself. She was in the Emergency with her mother.

"Yes, its my fall and winter wardrobe." Henry festered a frown, as if didn't Derrick know how he needed fashion, especially with his job.

"But they have some extra storage, don't they?" Derrick meant the building not a closet in the small apartment. It was a big snug. "Maybe you could put your winter items in a trunk or something, and use it in the livingroom for a coffee table." Derrick shrugged. After all, Henry was not fond of any of their stuff being placed in a storage facility.

"Sounds like you two had a really great summer." Derrick got out some sodas from the fridge then, hoping not to push it, about how the apartment should be set up. He mentioned he had his driver's license.

"I really didn't see that coming, but I got a letter in the mail and everything. Then I had to... of course, get my eyes checked. Go through a test, again. And 3 weeks I am." He smiled.

"But you, don't have your own car?" Henry pointed out, just how helpful was it to have a driver's license.

"Well, maybe soon." Derrick had some ideas. But he wasn't sure he was up for the car insurance. He knew his rates would be massive, after his jail time and all. He sipped the rootbeer and watched Henry open one of Josie's boxes, but then he closed it.

"God," Henry sat in the floor. Naturally, Carrie came over and plopped herself in the middle of him. "What we really need is a dresser. You know, a chest of some kind. Why didn't I think of that?"

As usual, Derrick wasn't sure Henry heard a word he said. Yes, Henry was on auto-pilot. Derrick sighed.

Honestly, after all this time, Derrick didn't think Henry had changed all that much.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe Derrick just needs to give Henry more of a chance.


Launna said...

I want Henry and Josie to be ok even with all the craziness...