Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lets make it happen

Let's make it happen

"I just don't like it." Clare knew Halie would probably go and tell Gage, how his mother favored Charlie the most, but she didn't seem to be aware of it at the moment.  After all, Halie went inside with Alec and Lily while Easy did the best he could with Charlie's crappy car. "You, need a new car."

"Yeah, if I won the lottery." Charlie sighed. The car was stuck in Clare's driveway. She'd came by when Clare called her over for lunch.

"We just need to get rid of it and get you something that can make life easier." Her hands were on her hips, doubting they could get anything for it. After all, it was from the 70's. Clare doubted it was ever in many speed chases. Still, it had been through  a lot before Charlie ever got it. "Lets go car shopping."

"Right now?" Suddenly, Charlie looked overwhelmed. "What would Carson think?"

"Well, its not something for him to think. Let's get, you, something that works for you, not him." She'd leave Easy with the car.

At the last minute, he got it to running. "Lets get it over to that dealership, you know, the one with all the Fords." Her father always stood by true American cars. She guessed she would have to honor it. Still, she wanted it to be an economy car. A good car that could get Charlie around town or maybe even a long trip.

Once they got there, she thought Charlie might pass out from the smell of all the new cars. Her eyes were so big, like she might be in the middle of a candy store.

"I dunno. Carson is just..what if he never forgives me?" Charlie shook her head as she nursed her bottom lip.

"I have first hand experience on his stubbornness. He takes after his dad, in that way." She saw a Ford Focus, thinking this was the one to own, in cherry red.

"I dunno." She looked as if it might be tainted. "It doesn't have to be fancy."

"Well, there are fancier cars here."  Clare looked at her, that she needed to think big.

Charlie looked across the way and pointed to a two door bright blue Fiesta that was on clearance. Clare was sure that wasn't Charlie's color, but she guessed there were a lot of things she didn't know about her soon to be daughter-in-law. She did want to know Charlie. Clare hoped this didn't make Carson too bitter.


Launna said...

I'm glad she's getting a working car... the one she was driving sounds super scary...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

It's nice to see things looking up for Clare!