Monday, September 7, 2015

Not the best circumstances

What can a mother do?

"Well, I wish I would have known." It didn't set well with Camille that Josie didn't go to the hospital about her hand.

"Its nothing." She looked in pain. It was early morning. Camille guessed they were sleeping in, but the apartment was a big mess.

"Don't say that. Did you sleep, at all?" She'd showed up with egg burritos she'd made herself along with a few groceries for the empty fridge. Naturally, Henry put the milk, eggs and fruit away.

"Of course, I did." But Camille was certain Josie was saying it for Henry's benefit. What could possibly be wrong with this picture?

Henry went to show Carrie around. He acted as if Carrie could visit anytime. Of course, she was so docile with him. Camille clenched her teeth wishing Carrie would wail, or something, but she looked up at Henry all wide-eyed.

He went to fix her limp hair with a few of Josie's ribbons that were in a box on the livingroom floor.

Camille winced. Carrie was never that still nor well behaved when she wanted to comb her daughter's hair.

"Maybe..maybe we could get your hand seen about. I'd hate for anything to be wrong." Camille's frown was tight. Wasn't Josie making scrubbies for Willow to sell at the coffee shop. Three for a dollar.

Of course, Josie could whip out a dozen or so in a few minutes, but she couldn't now, if her hand was like this.

"I'll be OK." Josie festered a look of dismay as she withdrew her bandaged hand from her mother's loving grip.

"No. We need to get this looked into." Her mother said Henry could watch after Carrie.

"Mom!" Now Josie was practically wailing. She told her she needed coffee. But as she went to make her a cup of coffee in the one cup of coffee machine, Camille could see Josie was barely managing.

Maybe, Josie really wasn't that tough. Naturally, Camille knew she was so much more prepared in life when she was Josie's age. And she'd lived in the dorm.

Of course, she didn't want to tell Josie that she'd slept with a stranger her first night at the dorm. She just didn't want to go home that night. Beside, the fellow got drunk and she wasn't wearing her glasses then. Thus, they'd spent the night in his car by the river.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Josie is okay!


deb said...

Oh no..this is not going well.

Launna said...

Josie needs to go to the doctor right away... she needs to take care if herself..