Tuesday, September 22, 2015

getting settled


"I am positive." Henry was so very serious, even if they were having tea in bed. "Your mother hates me."

Josie didn't want to get into it with him. Yes, her mom was being weird.

"I dunno what her problem is." She shrugged and took a bite of the scone and wished they could just stay here for the rest of the day. "She was never like this...with.." Oh did she have to say his name.."with Sky..I mean, I seriously thought she was going to adopt him."

Josie noticed her lips were chapped. She looked to Henry, thinking what her mother would say, "Its his fault, you know."

"Just give her some time. I mean, I'm not at home, and well, I guess she'll get over it." Josie sighed as she sipped her tea, imagining how great the tea was, when Molly made it back in England. If only Josie knew her secret. This was just sugar water, but she didn't tell Henry, he should have brewed it longer.

"I dunno. I doubt she'll ever get used to me..because I took you away from her..evidently." He was still serious.

She rolled her eyes at that. He asked about her hand. She said it was getting better, but it wasn't perfect yet. She'd have to be careful. She couldn't keep up the apartment, just yet.

"She'll be so mad when she figures it out, about the bed." Henry gritted as if he regretted doing it, but she knew, not really.

They both loved this bed.

Henry mentioned he talked to Derrick, who told him that Sky and Samantha were having a party, and they didn't invite him.

"Well, neither were we." Josie sipped her tea. "What are we suppose to do about it?"

"I think he hinted, we should invite them over for dinner soon." Henry winced like it was a crazy idea.

"Oh, but you know YOU want too." She pursed her lips, thinking of Henry and all his parties, over the years. He did like a party.

"It'll be just dinner." He was ever so straight lipped.

"Oh really?" She looked at him. "We must invite Alo and Vada. Maybe her brother would want to come."

"We don't have that many chairs." He informed her. After all, the dining table they had was small, for only two people. And that had been a freebie they found on the street.

"OK..best to think small."

"But we have to invite Vada and Alo. We have too." She could see he was already planning the menu in his head.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

YES to dinner parties!


Launna said...

How sweet that Josie knows Henry so well xox