Wednesday, September 23, 2015



Taylor supposed he'd taken Ben under his wing. Of course, he felt sure he only had baby wings. Still, Taylor hung out a lot at his house. After all, it was Ben who found him the car. It was in his neighborhood. Someone's son when into the Navy and they wanted to get rid of it. It was a blue Nissan, so it had good bones and well, it worked and the gas mileage was decent. Even Scott and his cousin looked at it. And between the three of them, Taylor got himself some wheels.

Naturally, he took Ben with him when he wasn't working. And they were together when Taylor looked at the apartment where Mae lived.

"This is really close to the library." Ben told Taylor he'd move here if he could.

"Yeah, but I don't work at the library." Taylor thought it might be cool if he lived closer to Sara. He'd seen her around, but as of yet he hadn't asked her out. Still, she was friendly and he didn't want to tell anyone, but he liked her.

Taylor's job took him all over the place at different grocery stores. Some were in the city and some were closer to the burbs. He had a reliable car. Now he just needed to find a place.

They went back to Ben's place and there was pizza. Ben's mother made it a celebration of sorts. Taylor and his job. Taylor and his car. Now his own apartment. She sounded as if it were a done deal.

Taylor looked at her a little funny, wondering what Ben told her.

"Please..please..take this boy with you. I'd be forever grateful." She practically got on her knees in her kitchen while Taylor was putting the pizza away and Ben was in the bathroom. She told him she'd give him half his rent if he'd just let Ben move in with him.

Taylor was taken by surprise. He guessed the apartment close to the Library would be OK. But it was definitely going to have to be a two bedroom.

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I'm glad that Taylor is starting to come around.