Thursday, September 24, 2015

It was never written in the stars

it was never written in the stars

Mae rolled her eyes after listening to Sam go on and on about her apartment. It was the best in the world, according to her. Although, Mae found that hard to believe. Mae just wanted her coffee before she started work.

In her next breath, Sam was telling everyone how they were invited to their house warming party.

"But they don't even live in a house." Ben clarified while Mae was getting herself some coffee in the breakroom while he was rummaging through some stale sweet rolls.

"This  is true." Mae yawned wishing she was more awake, but before she knew it... she was asking Ben if he wanted to go to the shindig with her.

"She didn't call it a shindig." Ben informed her. "Besides, what about Taylor?"

"What about Taylor?" She looked at him with a wince, as if she really wished he'd actually tell her something and not leave her guessing.

"Oh yeah, Taylor and I are moving in together." He smiled.

"What?" She always thought Taylor as a loner of sorts. "Are you sure?"

"Oh, this week..actually." He kept smiling. "I just didn't know..if...if you'd want to know..since its where you live."

"Where I live?" Now she winced hard. She saw him enough at work. Now.. where she lived too? She almost drew a face of disgust, but did her best not too.

"Oh never did say how that date went ..with..what's his name, again?" He could never ever remember Gun's name.

"It was just a movie." She sighed. It was nothing to really write home about. Perhaps, she thought they might have some amazing conversation, like on one of the dramas she watched. Instead, he wanted to take her to his house.

That threw her for a loop. She didn't know what to expect. And then to see that Korean girl with a baby. She almost fainted. She just knew Gun was married. It really did make her rethink things about him. But the girl was his cousin, Daisy.

Still, Mae wasn't quite sure she really believed him. After all, Daisy's boyfriend was nowhere, around.

Maybe it was best to stay aloof with Gun, at the moment.


Sara-h Jane said...

Yeesh, so much awkwardness!

Launna said...

I think she should take her time with Gun...