Friday, September 25, 2015

Just your roommate

Just your roommate

Ben was glad he could help out Taylor because Taylor didn't have anything.

No TV. No bed. Ben's mother let him haul off the livingroom furniture. And she gave Taylor a bed too. That stuff hadn't been used at the house in a long time. So his uncle helped get everything to the apartment.

Actually, if he wanted to see his mom, all he needed to do was walk 3 blocks..and there was the house. But he wouldn't. He doubted she'd come over, either. Maybe they just needed their space.

He'd intended to have a talk with Taylor some time ago..about..well..why he was the way he was.

Yet, Taylor had not asked. He rarely said much about his family, other than Essie.

But now as Taylor was trying to get everything arranged like a livingroom should be, he thought Taylor should know.

"I have a problem. Well..I guess I still have it."

"A problem?" Taylor had gotten them some beer. He opened one for Ben but he told Taylor he didn't like the taste of it. "I guess I used to really like the stuff, but that was from before." He shrugged.

"From before?"

"I had a problem with ..well..." He winced hard. "House hold products." He went to take a box of kitchenware to the little kitchen. "And I dunno..anything..actually..what it was..that I did, but my friend died..and I didn't." He sighed. " I was in a coma for awhile and then took a good 2 years out of my get where I am now." He hoped Taylor wouldn't be mad. "Mom, says I'm a much nicer person, than I used to be."

Still, he didn't have any knowledge of it. "I guess I was really hyper and stupid. All the stuff I liked to get into.... I dunno. That was then..this is now." He smiled, remembering he'd actually read the S.E. Hinton book. It was his favorite book. But he felt his version was a little more numb, somehow. And self indulging.

He then mentioned the party that Samantha was going to have. "You could invite Sara." Ben knew Taylor wanted to go out with her. "I'm going with Mae. You, don't have to take me or anything."

He wanted to be a good roommate.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope this roommate setup works out for both of them!


Launna said...

I hope it all works out... it is kind of sad what he went through

Anonymous said...

I hope they get along well, would be good for both of them. I wonder, is there a chance to get into Ben's story more.. like getting him mum involved to have more information on his past?! Just a suggestion, because I find Bens story very interesting.. just curious.