Saturday, September 26, 2015

The lowdown

the lowdown

" you're really going out with ..this Mae?" Derrick didn't mean to be nosy, but he didn't think Daisy would approve..if this was the same Mae..he remembered.

Sure, they didn't exactly hang out when they were in school, but he knew her reputation. She'd been with this fellow named Casper, who had a band and a lot of tattoos. She was pretty wild, as he recalled.

"We've only had the one real date." Gun winced hard and then confessed she had to drive because he wasn't a licensed driver, as of yet. "Is that a bad thing?" He wanted to know.

"What, not driving?" Derrick winced. He didn't want to get into that with Gun. "I'm sure she's a really..nice girl." She worked at the library, after all, but she'd been pretty much a wild child in high school. "I think her sister went off with her old boyfriend and started a band." Derrick nodded, hoping he wasn't making this up. He was not the only one at school with a reputation to live down.

Gun only nodded and went to work.

Just as Derrick was about to get the lunch crowd sorted, there was Daisy with the baby. Of course, he had to make over Mandy. After all, he was Mandy's uncle.

"So you've met Gun's new girlfriend." Derrick smiled as he got Daisy's favorite drink, a diet Dr. Pepper in a glass with a straw and a little ice.

"I guess." Daisy set in the back booth with Mandy in her lap. "She didn't say much. She didn't look like she wanted to stay around, long.."

"Do you remember her, from high school?" Derrick winced hard, not wanting to cause concern, but still he did have to mention Mae.

Daisy shook her head, no.

"She was pretty wild." Derrick couldn't help to smirk.

Daisy didn't exactly smile.

"But maybe she's changed." He gritted.

"I doubt I see her around." Daisy sounded like maybe Mae wasn't all that interested in Gun, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

That's some reputation she has!


ivy said...

Oh..if Derrick could talk! What about his reputation?

Launna said...

Derrick should remember people can change xox