Sunday, September 27, 2015

its just a little get-to-gether

you & me

"Well, I'm not sure I'm actually invited." Taylor winced hard, thinking this was no way to suggest it to Sara. After all, he'd met up with her at the food court for lunch. It wasn't a real date. They were getting a slice of pizza together. He didn't know if she really really did like him, after all. Maybe..he was wrong. "But, my roommate Ben wants me to go..because..because he doesn't want his..well, she's like his work wife or think know, he's serious about her. I mean..I to explain it...I won't say Ben has problems..its just.."

"Fine..I'll go." She looked at him as if it wasn't a big deal as she bit into the cheese pizza. He couldn't help to smile.

"I mean, we could do something you want to do, tomorrow." He didn't want her thinking he was cheap. But he sort of was. After all, it was a party.

"Like what?" She wanted to know.

"I dunno. You decide." He ate his pizza. At least, he'd managed to buy lunch.

"OK, the zoo." She wiggled a shrug as if she really wanted to go.

"OK." He didn't care where, as long as they were together. Still, he wondered if this was some sort of test.

Just a little get-together

"Seriously?" Samantha had spent most of the day cleaning. What was she thinking? A party? She'd taken off the day to get everything ready. Naturally, she thought the worst would happen. Someone would get drunk and tear up the place.

She looked at the platter of circular sandwiches under the plastic and a tray of boneless chicken wings, along with some veggies, she'd ordered at the deli. This was over forty bucks and there were chips and other sides she needed for the feast tonight.

She stared at Gage, waiting for her to fork over the money. She handed her debit card to him.

"Its the gas prices, I guess." He pulled a funny scowl which annoyed Sam even more. "But hey, this should make your guests happy. The sandwiches alone, are the best."

She didn't stay around to hear about the blue cheese potato salad. Maybe having this party was not the best idea, but she wanted to entertain. She'd always wanted to entertain.

And she planned to do it, with music. There was Sky to play the guitar, and she would sing.

Oh, whoa, oh oh oh oh whoa oh

JD had his heart set on Lottie from the first time he saw her. But it was like he was not there. No, her eyes were only for one fellow, who might as well have been a knob on a log. Silent Frankie.

"What does she see in that Frankie?" JD asked himself time and time again.

Of course, she was at the homecoming bomb fire with Frankie. And on his moped. Who in their right mind drove a little moped around here? It was the most un-coolest things he'd ever witnessed. But there were her arms around his middle, holding him tight, smiling like it was the best life a girl could want.

It left him frazzled. So when he saw the two of them show up at the frat party (on the moped, again), he knew he had to grin a bare it.

"Hey, you two made it." He was about to hand over a red plastic cup of beer to her.

Suddenly, she glared at him as if he was the most uncool thing on earth.

"What's that?" Lottie wanted to know.

"What do you think it is?" Was she kidding him.

"You're serving liquor here?" She was ever so stern.

"Well, yeah, its a kegger." He smiled. It was no big deal.

Oh, she laid down the law, about how there was no tolerance for drinking on campus. In fact, she would call the law.

"WHAT!" He was frantic.

"Come on, Frankie." She ordered. Yeah, there was definitely a new sheriff in town, and her name was Lottie Faye.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad that she's feeling confident enough to perform!


Launna said...

I hope the party goes as well as she hopes..