Monday, September 28, 2015

catching up

catching up

"Yeah! I'm so glad you're back!" Josie gave Vada a hug with a sigh. Really, it was one of those make do situations. Josie dragged out every possible treat she could find in the kitchen and heated the kettle.

Alo came along too.

"Maybe..maybe Frankie can come next time." Josie smiled as she got out the mixed mugs for tea. Nothing really went together, but no one seemed to mind.

"I don't know, Frankie is seeing someone." Vada hugged herself as if she didn't like it, one bit.

"Oh, they work together. She's such a funny girl." Alo grinned as if it wasn't nearly the problem that Vada assumed. "They're just friends."

"She said Frankie was her cuddle bunny." Vada gave him the eye.

Josie kept smiling, wishing Henry would get here on time. She checked her watched. The library was closed.

The kettle set off like a siren, and it gave her a shiver. Why did he always have to walk home?

She poured the hot steaming water over the tea bags. She knew Halie would tell her it was all wrong.

About then, the front door opened and there was Henry.

"Good, you made it." She didn't need to say she was worried. She knew he wouldn't want to hear it. A part of her thought she might be too mothering. She tried not to be, but she went to check on him. "How are you feeling?"

His back was miraculously OK now. It happened on Saturday morning when he got out of bed. Of course, he had to dance with her, about it and almost spun her into a wall. They were a clumsy pair. At least they hadn't hurt each other yet, but almost.

"Fine." He didn't want to discuss it while there were guests.

Josie sighed, putting her hands on her lower back. It was then she noticed something odd. This pain in her back. What was it, thinking about him in pain was now her own pain.

He went to give Alo a hearty handshake and big hug to Vada.

He would take over after all the greetings and questions about their Scotland trip.

"How about a game of charades?" He was all smiles as if he might be the new host to some late night  game show.

"Are you serious?" Josie winced with a sigh. They'd hardly touched their tea.

"Not, tonight." Vada shook her head, no.  She told him to sit.

The things you do....

Vada tilted her head to one side and studied Henry. It was like he was running crazy. How could Josie stand it? He made her nervous, just watching him. She sighed.

"Relax. We don't have any plans. We need to catch up." She got Alo situated in the livingroom while she went to check the balcony and Josie followed.

"So are you really doing OK?" Vada asked. "He's not driving you crazy, is he?"

"No." Josie was big eyed, but looked a little lost. "Its know, moving in together, is new to the both of us." She smiled. "I mean, a sleep and there is thing..but know..its cooking, cleaning..laundry."

"He's such a messy person, even if he claims he isn't." Vada crossed her arms.

Josie chuckled.

"He means well." She told her.

"You, don't hate him, yet?" Vada was serious. She knew this would drive her nuts to be around this, all the time.

Josie shook her head, no. She put a lock of hair behind her ear. "I just worry, you know. I mean..I've actually never seen one of his seizures."

"I think that's why he likes being with you. Maybe..maybe..he feels like he won't have one, if you're around." Vada meant it in a good way.

"But..but what if he does?" Josie looked so sad at the thought. "And..and this thing..about what I over heard his mother say, you know..about Aidan..I mean..what about Henry?"

"Just don't worry so much about it. I mean, everything has know, normal." Of course, Vada did wonder what 'normal' really meant. "His parents, are solid. That doesn't mean its perfect... I mean, even at Alo's..I was so sure his mom was going to brush his teeth. Evidently, she brushed his teeth for him until he was five. She was checking for cavities? That was a little freaky." Vada smiled. "I mean, would I ever do something like that?"


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope things continue to work between Josie and Henry.


Launna said...

I really like Henry and Josie together... I hope everything works out for them xox