Tuesday, September 29, 2015

its a party

it's a party prt.1

It was the library bunch. Sky noticed there was no Henry. He guessed Sam did that, for his benefit, but she really shouldn't have. He would have managed. Maybe he would have even made small talk with Josie. He vowed to himself that he would try. At the moment though, he was making sure everyone had something to drink.

And then he saw Sara. That was quite a surprise. And there was no Hansen. She was with some blonde guy, but he asked about Hansen, anyway. "How's he doing?" He guessed now he looked like a real dufus. Sky didn't know they'd broken up. "He's in France? What's he doing in France?"

OK, so maybe he wasn't the best mingler in the world. He winced, thinking he should let Sam do all the talking.

its a party prt.2

Well, Taylor backed out of that one when Sara started a monologue about her ex to this guy named Sky. Taylor took refuge in Ben's plate of chips and cheese dip.

"What are you doing?" Ben looked at him as if he was in the wrong place. After all, he was squeezed in next to Mae who was practically in Ben's lap, stuffing her mouth with chips.

"I dunno." Taylor didn't mean to space, but he hated to make small conversations. He didn't know these people. He bet he'd spoken to Samantha from the library only once. And this was her party.

Finally, Sara found him, she brought guacamole on a platter. More dipping. Taylor even fed her a chip full. He introduced her to Ben and Mae. Finally, he felt he'd taken her to his circle of friends. Did they need to know anyone else?

Follow Your Heart

"Did you guys, even bring anything?" Mae wanted to know. At least, she'd brought a cheap bottle of wine. Thank God, it was dark and no one  seemed to notice the Flip-Flop logo. It was her kind of wine. Mascoto, Sweet...and of course, cheap.

"Nobody, said anything about bringing, anything." Taylor looked stunned. His girlfriend didn't seem to care. She was more interested in being next to him, even if she seemed to know Sky, quite well.

Sky. Mae looked him over, once more. She couldn't remember the last time she'd really seen him. Well, he worked a the library a good long while, but she never spoke to him. Usually, it was only in passing.

He used to hangout with her sister Sadie, but that was such a long time ago. When she thought of the years, now, it didn't seem possible, how time rolled on. A part of her felt a little sad.

Her sister Sadie and Sky were a couple once. She winced. Well, he probably didn't even know her name and ... it was pretty much a summer fling, many moons ago. Nothing, at all significant, but Mae had stayed up all night with Sadie, when they broke up.

Mae thought of Sky as rather calloused and selfish..now she could see... he was just oblivious, Mae bit into another chip. Yes, she felt as if she might melt into a soft warm marshmallow. But then the sensation brought a huge sadness she couldn't quite consume. She didn't know if she could take another moment of being here.

Ben didn't remember, so neither did she. After all, they'd been more than friends once. She honestly, didn't think he'd changed a bit. Except. She guessed he was sweeter now. Yeah, just a big old teddy bear. Not that hyper scrawny Ben who liked a little something extra at lunch time in the dark auditorium at the high school.

She'd done her best to keep it out of her mind.... for so long, but it came rushing back to her like an avalanche plunging her emotions to the surface.

Mae cleared her throat.

"What's the matter?" Ben asked.

"Its the salsa." She had to get up. She had to get out of here. Suddenly, she was claustrophobic.  She'd done so well being around him. She winced hard. Mae didn't want Ben to remember.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Poor Mae. :/


ivy said...

Hopefully, its not as bad as she might think it is.

Launna said...

I hope Ben doesn't remember but if he does, I hope he doesn't bring it up to Mae... Sky certainly put his foot in it with the questions...