Monday, September 14, 2015

in a bad way

Times are strange

Well, if this didn't make Jude furious. Mae all flirty with an Asian guy, no less.

Suddenly, he was full of envy. He didn't want to be, but he didn't like the looks of this.

Sure, he should be happy by now. He had a boyfriend, who had a beautiful house. After all, he could marry the guy. But, Jude was taking his time to say yes.

There was a lot on his mind. Like the past. It was on replay in his head, how it had been with Preston's sister. He didn't even want to say her name. Tessa.

How long had it taken to break up with her? Those were days he couldn't get back. After all, when they moved from a one bedroom to a two bedroom in the same apartment complex, he hadn't the courage to say they were done. Instead, he was all nice and said. "Lets be roommates. You, can have your own room now."

Tessa thought his room was bigger than hers, but it wasn't. Tessa was a pack rat with Monster High dolls and old Nurse Betty books. It took forever to move and then about 3 months later he left her, as if he might be contagious with something.

But this Mae...another story he couldn't quite get through, either. Yes, he found her fascinating. And for a while there, he thought they could be best friends. He'd been so close to getting her..where he wanted her..and didn't pan out.

He hated to admit he was a dreadful sort. Yes, he knew Preston could do better. Maybe Jude was still pained with guilt. But he did need someone who could keep him. God knows, he was no good with money. Even if at times, he thought he was.

Now he ached in his heart..that he was missing out once again. Why couldn't he figure out what he needed by now? Yes, he needed to go over and say something hateful now. Show that Asian fellow that he better run, and quick from this silly silly girl. She couldn't even do a blow job, properly.

No, he had not forgot that.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Jude really needs some help. :/


Launna said...

Jude needs to stop waffling...all this indecision is not good for anyone...