Tuesday, September 15, 2015

where the anger lies

where the anger lies

Carson didn't want to poo on anyone's parade, but he was not speaking to his mother and hardly speaking to Charlie. He was not pleased with the car.

"Oh stop it." His mother gave him the eye.

But he was steamed and went off to his truck and drove home alone. He didn't care if Charlie came home in that new car or not. He just couldn't talk about it right now. He knew if he did...he'd regret everything coming out of his mouth.

It had been a nice time with his Dad and Gage. For the first time, he felt all three of them were really a family. They'd laughed. Helped each other. Listened to stories his dad told about concerts he went too. His adventures in hitchhiking.

It felt like a lost cause now.

Why was his mother spending all this money on Charlie? This wasn't the compensation he was after. Of course, he really didn't want her money. He didn't want Charlie to have it either.

"Why did you take it!" He snapped as soon as got home. Of course, she took Lily to her room and then it took forever for her to come out.

"I'm sorry." She said ever so curtly as if that was enough explanation. "I knew you'd be mad."

He closed his eyes and sighed.

"I just.." She winced ever so miserable. "She didn't come right out and buy it, you know. She made a good down payment..so I could make payments on my own."

He shook his head.

"I told you, the car needed to be fixed, and I know you said..not right now. But..but..she just wanted to help." He thought she was going to cry, but Charlie didn't.

He was still cross with her. No way could he get all giddy about a little car that everyone was so happy about.

Carson went to get a beer. But it was bitter and he tossed it in the sink, making a mess. Naturally, Charlie went to clean it up, and he let her.

"I'm not mad at you." But he was. He was mad at everyone.

He was suppose to be happy right now. He was going to be a full time police officer. This was suppose to be his vacation before he started work, but it felt so dull and tiring. Oh, he got tired of even looking at Charlie fidget.

She never had anytime for herself. Running around, helping people who could care less about her.

There were so many things she would never be now. Like a nurse, a teacher. Not with her background. She was an ex-con. No way, could she have gotten that car on her own.

"Do you want to drive..it?" She finally got up the nerve to ask.

He shook his head, no. But he could hear is mother's words even now, that she'd spoken to him a bit a go in her kitchen. "Just get over it. This is her day. Make the best of it."

Carson blinked tears and pressed his lips tight.

"Why don't you drive us to that place you've been wanting to try. You know, with the big pizza buffet." Carson did his best to say.

"I hear the fried chicken is even better than the pizza." She smiled and went to get Lily. He knew she didn't like to leave Lily alone, but he'd want it to be just the two of them. Maybe another night. Just not tonight.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think he needs to take them as a package deal, or leave them altogether. :/


Launna said...

I am not sure Carson knows what he wants...