Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So it goes

So it Goes

Will wasn't certain if he'd gotten this straight.

1. Macy's mom was really mad at Gage. Possibly, Gage's mother.
2. But here she was in their kitchen with this girl, who looked as if she didn't really belong in this situation (so Will could relate.)
3. According to Macy's Mom, Macy was staying in England and living close to where Halie's old boyfriend was going to college. He decided to move to the dorm, but Macy was staying where he and Halie were suppose to stay, and Macy was going to school online, from a state site here.
4. Oh, and the girl Gabby! Evidently, the best way Macy's Mom thought she could get back at Macy was by fostering a girl, who looked a little bit like Macy.

Will sighed with a wince. Immediately, he felt sorry for Gabby, wishing he could say something enlightening, but he was not good with those kind of scenario. So he kept eyeing her, ever so careful in a bashful way. He couldn't help it.

"You're-" Why had he opened his mouth. "Uh.." No way could they be friends. Weren't they suppose to hate each other? "Um, I'm..I'm just a Freshman." He looked so sleepy when he said it. Maybe it was just a dream.

Naturally, she was a year ahead of him. But she smiled, and his heart beat so fast. Harder than he ever thought possible. It was exhilarating, yet he thought he might pass-out.

Of course, Macy's mom went on a tail spin, how this was just not right. Why did Gage's mom Clare ever pay for Macy's airfare?

I must...

It hadn't exactly worked out with Dustin's Mom. Besides, Macy didn't feel right staying in Dustin's room. Now she had his room at Molly's while he went to the dorm. Macy felt a little bad that Dustin was paying for her room with his good hard money he'd earned over the summer. At least she saw him every day.

Dustin told her not to worry. He had it paid out through the semester and had got on with a pub near the University.

Macy really did want to find a job. Still she had her classes online and once a week she took a test down at the library. Something to do with the matter of someone making sure she took the test, without cheating.

It was all for the best, and she didn't really miss her friends from back home because Chandler texted her everyday. Occasionally, they had live chats. He was still with Oz. They were getting used to a new band director. And did she know about this girl named Gabby who now lived in her room?

She'd asked Rico about it, but he was still out of sorts. Caitlin had left him for Jesse, and it was still uncertain if they went to Mexico or not. She guessed he was having a bad year at school, too. He was wanting to live at his grandmother's back in Texas.

"Don't." Macy couldn't explain it, but she knew her Mom and Dad had had enough changes to go through. "Is she nice?" She asked about Gabby, thinking her mom wasn't the sort to want to hang out with teenagers. Was this some kind of do over? After all, Macy spent most of her high school years and beyond with her grandmother. Her mom wasn't cut out for this sort of thing. Not that she was high society and fit in at the Country Club. Her mom did like doing her own thing. She threw herself into her wood crafts. Her mother was an artist. When would she find time for an extra teenager?

"Gabby's not anything. Sort of sad. I guess. I don't even know if she likes it here." Rico didn't plan on getting to know her. He was upset, yet vowed he'd never ever fall in love, again.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Macy's mom seems fairly...vindictive?


Launna said...

I think Rico is falling whether he wants to or not...