Thursday, September 3, 2015

in the kitchen

where do I go from here?

Yes, Josie's hand throbbed a little, but she didn't want to make a big deal about it. It was just..she wouldn't be crocheting this week. She tensed, thinking..was this a warning?

Oh, she didn't think so. She tried not to fret. She went to make tea. Although, iced tea was what she needed. She was already in a sweat with the tea kettle on, but Henry's Mom brought it to her, so she felt the need to make tea.

While she was busy going through boxes in the kitchen, mainly pantry supplies, like flour and sugar and all sorts of spices that Josie didn't have a clue about, she heard Henry's mother on her smart phone.

Josie smelled one spice then another, scrunching her nose up as she went along. Suddenly, it was so still. The men were outside.

"Well..I gave him Aidan, you know..."

Josie winced with a wink. What was Henry's mother talking about? Josie blew a breath. What did that mean, exactly? Why would his mother say that?

Finally the tea kettle went off like a siren. Josie almost burned herself, moving the kettle to another burner.

This was her first tea party, and it felt like a bad start. How could she keep this from Henry?

it's OK

"What did, you just say?" Vada listened very carefully over her cell, to what Josie over heard. " just misunderstood."

"I'm definitely not going to ask her about it. But it was just weird. I mean, why would she be on the phone with..with someone..who must know the truth." Josie didn't sound very well. "I'm sorry to bug you about it."

"Well, if..if its been hidden all this know, maybe its best to keep it that way." Vada didn't know what else to say. "But..but I'm glad you told me."

"Its just..I don't want to keep it from Henry. And then..if I do tell him..I'm sure he'll be all..oh, you must have dreamed that up.." Josie sounded a tad optimistic, but not really.

"Just worry about your hand. Not this. It isn't your problem." Vada hated to get testy. "Its..just..I really want you to enjoy the new place. I mean, don't let what you overheard, bring you down. Try not to think about it."

Josie said she would try.

Now Vada felt this was the worst time to be gone. After all, she was missing the beginning of school. But she couldn't let Alo know she felt bad about this. It was a wonderful trip. And his Mom was really understanding. It was great to be here.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Henry's mom is being so cryptic!


Launna said...

I hope Josie makes sure she really understood what she heard before she tells Henry...

I am glad, Vada and Alo are having a good time with his mother xox