Wednesday, September 2, 2015

it won't take much

what money?

It was a freakish accident. It was the last thing Henry expected, but Josie cut her hand at The Thrift Shop. He knew they should have gone to Good Will.

She'd sat on a bed, they were looking to buy and there was glass. Neither noticed until it was too late.

"No I getting that bed now." The price was nice and the store was close by. He sighed. Getting moved in to the apartment wasn't quite as quick as he hoped.

"I like my bed, better.. anyway." She said it wouldn't be home, without her bed.

"I know, I like that bed, too..'re Mom is being.." He didn't want to say it, but she was being difficult, lately. "What did I ever do to her?" He winced as he tried to find a handkerchief to stop the bleeding. "A little help here!" He called to the sales clerk, who looked as if she..well, he didn't want to go there. Everyone had their problems.

"OK, I say we just get Josie's bed, replace it with that one your brother said you could have and be done with it." Gage was with them, looking around a bit puzzled.

"Mystery solved." Henry bit a grin. He was happy Carson could lend his pickup truck. As it was neither wanted to bring much. But they needed a couch and a coffee table. A dining table.  Thank God, Josie had a flat screen. He'd never had much use for a TV, until now, but he knew they couldn't afford cable. Only the Internet.

Finally, Josie's cut wasn't so bad. She got bandaged up. There was a kit in Carson's truck. The three of them headed to Aidan's to get the bed, he said they could have.  Aidan wanted to get rid of a few other things in his basement.

There was a lamp and more.

"Well, you didn't tell me, you had a couch." Henry started to like the old couch, but it made into a bed. It took Aidan and the boys to load it up while Aidan's mattress was a piece of cake. Soon they were on the road. This time to Josie's.

No one was home. It felt like a robbery of some kind.

Aidan's mattress was floppy and not at all as firm as Josie's cozy mattress. Naturally, she wanted the headboard.

"No, I'll think of something. We..can't. I mean..she'll really notice then." Henry hoped Josie understood.

Soon they were in route to the apartment. His parents met them.

Instantly, they made over the high ceilings. It had been repainted. The power was on. It was good to see his dad was here, but only to supervise them. Not actually to lift a thing.

Yes, Henry was beginning to see where he got all his ways from. His father.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope Josie doesn't get mad about all of this! :/


Launna said...

I wish Josie's mom would be more understanding...