Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Baby steps

baby steps

Gage still couldn't see how it was possible. Yes, Alec looked like he was part robot in those plastic legs of his. The braces were of tough plastic with a splotch of blue, and he was walking with the best of them now, ready to rumble on the carpet of the children's library.

Gage was certain, Alec would fall face down any second and start to cry, but it hadn't happened yet.

Halie was in an interview. Just a library clerk position.

He doubted it would happen, but who knew, she might woo them with her flirtatious grin and sweet voice.

Gage saw Rico from a distance. And he was with a girl. She was blond, and they were in a bit of a discussion about something.

Suddenly, Gage sighed as he finally saw her face. She made him think of Macy. Well, when he first met Macy. Not now.

He wasn't sure if he should say anything, but the next thing he knew Rico and the girl were over in the children's area.

Rico shook Gage's hand.

Gage of course, introduced him to Alec. Rico was amused by the toddler. Finally Rico introduced him to Lizzie.

They didn't shake hands. She gave him a little wave. She didn't hold Rico's hand, either.

Rico explained they worked at the movie theater together. And he was only helping her with a paper she was working on.

"She was too scared to come to the library alone." He teased her with a nudge.

"He thinks he's so funny, but he's not." Lizzie pursed her lips.

Gage shook his head, and smiled. Couldn't Rico see he was dating somebody just like his sister Macy?

You don't have to know

"Who kissed who first?" Essie couldn't help to want to know what was going on with Sara. Naturally, Essie was nosy. She'd called Taylor five times, most of those went to voice mail. Finally, he showed up when she invited him to waffles. She knew he wouldn't pass up breakfast. It was their grandmother's recipe.

Taylor looked up at her as if she better let him eat first. Finally, he said he didn't actually know. Then he ate his waffles, smothered in strawberries and whipped cream.

Essie sighed.

"This isn't like the time you told me you were going to get married, just because that girl from church looked at you funny?"

"Uh, no." He reminded her he was only 13 then and knew nothing about girls.

"And so now you do?" She pressed.

Taylor rolled his eyes, at that.

"She is really ..sweet." He sighed. "Not like, some..I've known."

"When have you ever been in a serious relationship?" She wanted to know.

He winced hard.

" was not that serious." He shook his head. "I mean, yeah, I've known some pretty messed up girls, and I didn't know they were going to be that way, but usually..I just rode it out." He shrugged and grabbed a slice a bacon. "But I can handle this." He shot Essie a look. "I'm not rushing into anything. She's practical, and I really like talking to her. I know I like her. I like her a lot." He nursed his bottom lip. "It might not be I felt about, you know, your friend Vada. I mean, she could have practically chewed me up whole and spit me out, and I would have never known. It just made me realize that you can't count on LOVE at first sight." He pressed his lips tight. "And..I've been there before. You know, you lose yourself before you hardly know what's going on, but this... with Sara. Its good for the both of us. We can actually talk, and not start getting jealous about the past."

Essie almost smiled. Maybe Taylor wasn't a complete newbie about romance, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think Taylor is far wiser in the romance department than anyone knows.


Launna said...

I hope Halie gets the job, I think it would be good for her ...