Thursday, October 15, 2015

Where ever it may lead

where ever it may lead

Halie was thankful that Henry told her about the job. Everyone was so nice here. And well, she probably laughed too much during the interview. Honestly, she doubted she'd get it, but it was a good experience.

After all, she was thankful Alec was going to be OK. Of course, she didn't know how long he'd have to be in those braces. It had upset her in the beginning when he was strapped into those things, but now he was going strong.

She guessed it was probably a stupid idea to apply at the library, but it the interview was already over.

 Halie set in the passenger side of the new yellow Ford Focus while Gage drove them home. She stared back at the library. She wished she could work there, but she sighed with relief, glad the interview was done.

"You know, if you get the job, you'll have to learn to drive." Gage told her.

"What!" She looked at him as if  Gage was asking for too much. "No." She didn't want to drive the car. What if she crashed it? With Alec in it... Suddenly, she felt so neurotic, thinking the worst. "Winter is coming." She looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

"God, don't make it sound like GAME OF THRONES." He chuckled. "You'll do fine. You'll go to driving school, and it'll be a piece of cake." He shrugged.

Halie let out a sigh. She didn't think so. "You, don't know the story about me driving down a hill when I was seven."

"So you can drive?" He smirked.

"NO. I didn't say that." She watched him with his hands on the steering wheel. "I attempted to drive this truck, of my friend's. I mean, she was driving. And I was so much more mature than her..but that doesn't matter if you know what you're doing, and she did and I didn't. It was such a sticky mess. Her father came along, had to push rocks out of the way. I mean, I took us far off the road, like I was making my own, you know. It was horrible. We both got a spanking."

"Who spanked you?" Gage wanted to know.

"It was her mother. I never went back there, and I gave up driving for good." She hugged herself, hoping he never mentioned driving, ever.


Launna said...

I understand Halie a little better... no one should be spanked for a mistake in judgment... grounded maybe... she should learn how to drive if she has the opportunity xox

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Gah! I can relate to Halie so much - especially regarding the driving thing. She'll come around.