Thursday, October 1, 2015

But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?

when I close my eyes

Why did he always do this to her? Making Charlie smile all over. Oh, he could be so goofy and then his broad smile got to her and she couldn't help to almost laugh.

"You, don't want to hear about me and a dog." Barry shook his head, trying to be sad, but laughing softly all the while, watching her work behind the counter at the deli.

Charlie sighed as she looked back at him.

"But maybe its going to work, you know, you and..and this Cassie." She would be optimistic. Surly, Cassie could see what a great guy Barry was.

He shook his head, no. He told her he'd seen her.... out with some manly guy.

"Well, you're manly." Charlie shrugged, but then guessed she was saying all the wrong things. After all, she didn't mean to flirt.  They were kind of friends. Actually, their conversations were so much more alive than the small ones with Carson, who was too tired to talk these days. He was in training as a rookie. So his days were long and no way could Charlie possibly understand (or so he said.)

"No, not like this guy. He's like some American hero. You.. just know, the way he walks. I mean, she looks really happy with him." Barry sipped on his steaming creamed coffee.

"Is that dinner?" She looked at him.

He shrugged indifferent and took another sip, like maybe he was licking his old wounds. She handed him over a chicken salad sandwich filled with  slice grapes and walnuts.

"There are no onions in this. " She told him.

"You remembered." He smirked.

She only smiled with a nod.

"Piper never..." He stopped himself from saying more and took the sandwich.

She'd listened to him talk about his ex enough. As of yet, she hadn't said much about Carson. What was there to really talk about?

So am I close to you?

Barry took the sandwich to the diner part of the grocery store. He peaked under the bread. Yes, he should have believed Charlie. No onions. It was baffling, that she'd remember. After all, she'd let her daughter, who was too big for her lap, sit with her at the coffee table that night at Essie's birthday party. He didn't even remember Charlie actually eating. She was so busy with Lily.

He'd asked her about her car. Charlie told him she got a new one. Everything was fine. Everything was always fine with Charlie.

He honestly wondered if that was true.

It was time to let this go with Cassie. He'd decided he would just be a big brother, if she needed a big brother, but he doubted she would. Yes, he'd keep up with the vet bills for Elsa.

He could see now, the dog was more of a therapy dog for her.

Maybe that was what he needed, his own therapy dog. But he instantly felt sad, what would Elsa think ?If he got a new dog?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Barry has so much on his plate right now. :/


Launna said...

I think Barry has way too much on the go at the moment ...